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Has anyone received the 80% scholarship at Georgetown University for the accelerated 2nd degree program? I just applied for Spring 2010 and hope to receive this scholarship. I plan to stay in the... Read More

  1. by   jerseyjess

    I can't sent private messages because I'm a new member so I'll just post my answers here!

    They may have changed the registration system, but when I was registering you had to put all of the courses you wanted in a list and also list alternate courses. Everyone did this before school and right before school they flipped a switch and it was kind of a luck of the draw thing on whether you got the classes that you wanted. Whatever was at the top of your list was considered your "priority" classes and that is what you would most likely get. They tell you to put Theologies at the top because you are competing with all Gtown students for those classes, not just your cohort. Also it is MANDATORY that you are registered for all the required nursing courses for the semester so if one doesn't get put on your schedule you just go to your advisor and they can automatically add you.

    For getting to WHC I have a car. I live in Arlington, VA and it is a 20 minute drive. During the marine corps marathon I decided to metro (because th race literally went by my apartment) and it took over an hour because I had to switch lines. There is a shuttle from Brookland metro stop, but it doesn't run on weekends... this will usually only be a problem when you are in your final semester because you have to do practicum hours whenever your preceptor works and a lot of times that is on the weekend!
  2. by   FralliesMom_RN

    Congratulations on your upcoming graduation and thank you for all of your great insight! Before I even learned of the WHC scholarship, I had my sights set on working at WHC. I had spent a lot of time there when my father in law was living with us. So I am estatic that I have this opportunity. Anyway, is Patho as horrible as everyone says?

    That's interesting what you said about your last semester, that you work when your preceptor works. Do you go to class too?

    Congratulations again!
  3. by   jerseyjess
    Thank you! Yes I have one more final on Thursday and then I graduate! Hard to believe. Oh and I got that job in the ER/ED at WHC so definitely stop by for a dream day!

    Ok Patho. Yes it is hard. Is it impossible? No. I managed to get a solid B in the class and only one person from our cohort failed Patho. I would say that the majority of the class got C's. You will walk out of tests wanting to cry, but just study your stuff and you will be fine. Trust your study skills and do whatever works for you. My advice is as soon as you know who is in your cohort set up a transcriber schedule IMMEDIATELY! Each person tape records one lecture and literally types the lecture out word for word and sends it to everyone on the list. It sucks when it is your turn because it literally takes over 6 hours to transcribe a lecture, but it is an amazing study tool!

    When I studied for tests I did not open a single book and did not take a single note and just studied the transcriber notes and did well. I found it helpful to not have to stress about taking notes during class because I knew I would get a word for word copy of the lecture in a few days. Also they provide tutoring sessions that are helpful and rumor has it that Angerio looks at the list of people who go to tutoring and will make sure you pass. Not sure if that is true or not, but hey it's worth a shot! Also, go and review the test with the man himself and get a little face time. His final is terrible and another rumor is that if you show your face, go to tutoring, and make it look like you are really trying he will pass you... you never actually find out what your grade is on the final, only your final course grade is posted!

    As for the last semester, you have 18 credit hours, complex clinical once a week, public health clinical once a week, and your senior practicum for 80 hours. For the senior practicum you are matched with a preceptor and work out a schedule with that person to fulfill your 80 hours. After each practicum you have to submit a log answering the objectives that you defined before practicum starts. I just worked 12 hour shifts whenever my preceptor's schedule and my schedule worked out. Sometimes it happens to be on a weekend, but everyone else is in the same boat so it isn't too bad. In all honesty the only semester that I felt overwhelmed with work and had no free time was the last semester, but I am living proof that it is possible!

    I know this is an exciting/stressful time for you guys and I am happy to answer any more questions that you have! Plus, it is a good means of procrastination before my final on Thursday! Have a great night!
  4. by   DC_RN09

    how long does it take before the WHC-HR called you for an interview?

    how was it? BTW congrats for the ER position...

    i hope you can give me an overview regarding the hiring process for new grads in WHC.. thank you!
  5. by   jerseyjess
    Hi DC_RN09!

    I submitted my application for the ED residency program and HR e-mailed me about a week and a half later telling me that they received my application and to call them to discuss options. You basically get set up with an HR nurse and when you first call them they ask you where you want to apply and why you are interested in those units. They also ask you what your current GPA is and your availability for interviews. I told my HR contact that I really really really wanted the ED and if I had to have a second choice 1EIMC was second on my list. She said she would contact the head person at the ED and get back to me.

    It was another good week or week and a half until I heard anything. Finally I got a call from HR setting up an interview time. I had an interview with HR at 9am and an interview with the ED at 10. The HR interview lasted about 20 minutes and had basic interview questions like "tell me a time you worked in a group and someone did not pull their weight. What did you do?" and "What makes you a good candidate for the ED?" After that the HR person walked me to the ED and introduced me to the unit director. The ED interview was intense and had about 15 different clinical scenarios in it. It was a learning experience, but I still really had to know my stuff! After about 1.5 hours of that interview I was passed on to another unit leader who gave me a tour of the ED. That was it!

    I was told to definitely give all of the people I interviewed with Thank You cards and of course I could not remember the name of the lady who gave me the tour. So the next day I e-mailed HR asking her name. She wrote back 30 minutes later with her name. 20 minutes later I wrote back Thank you. 20 minutes after that I checked my inbox and had a "congratulations we are offering you the job" e-mail from my HR lady! After jumping up and down and calling everyone I knew I sent an acceptance e-mail! After that I set up another meeting with HR to set appointments for my physical and contract signing. Oh and I still went to the hospital to give Thank You notes.

    Sooo that is where I am right now in the hiring process. Everyone's experience has been different though. For example a few people in my cohort were offered positions on various floors on the spot. A few people were told they did not get the job and are setting up more interviews with different units, but as far as the process with HR and the interviews we all had similar experiences. I think WHC has a generic interview form with all of the scenarios and HR questions on them and depending on where you interview and who you interview with determines how many scenarios you will be asked. Some people were asked about 1 or 2 and I had 15.

    I hope this helps! It is an intimidating process, but just really think about why you want that position and think positive and be confident and you will do great!
  6. by   DC_RN09
    Thank you for the reply jerseyjess

    I think you're really good to make it that fast! Do you have previous hospital working experience?

    I have submitted my application even before I have taken the NCLEX-RN and have updated my application everytime, but still did not get an interview...

    I'm kinda worried because I am an international BSN grad without any working experience,, I graduated last April, passed the nursing board in our country last june and passed the nclex this november,,,

    I am also volunteering in WHC, just to have an experience here in the US..

    I have applied to a lot of hospitals in DC and MD but did not hear any call at all...

    Just early this week, a manager from WHC informed me that the HR should contact me for an interview with her but they haven't called me yet.. I'm still praying that I will be accepted for the Feb program, coz my new grad status is about to lapse this april...

    Do you have any advice for me to get my first RN job even if i'm an international graduate?

    thank you!
  7. by   jerseyjess
    Congrats on passing the NCLEX and graduating school! I'm not too familiar with international nursing schools, but passing the NCLEX should definitely make you stand out. Our class has not taken the NCLEX yet, we just submitted our applications last week.

    I guess my advice to you is as soon as you get in touch with HR be as persistent as you can! HR is your key into interviews! Just let her know as many places as you can think of that you want to apply to. HR knows where there are openings and can get you interviews at most of those places. If you don't from HR soon I would ask the manager who mentioned HR to you what the deal is. Just from talking with people in my cohort it seems that those that were persistent (borderline annoying even) with HR and unit managers have been the most successful with getting jobs! I guess that saying "the squeaky wheel gets the oil" is true when it comes to getting jobs at WHC!

    Sorry I couldn't be a better help! You will get a job!
  8. by   DC_RN09
    Your replies are really of great help! I'm getting a lot of ideas on what to expect on my first job interview...

    Yeah, i've been really persistent in following up my application though sometimes i also think that they may be annoyed,, I've applied to all positions available for Residency Program!lol!

    So, when are you suppossed to have the orientation? I'm really looking forward for an interview,, hope to see you on orientation! lol!

    goodluck on your NCLEX
  9. by   jerseyjess
    Thanks! I'm glad I can be of some help! I didn't know about this website until recently and I really wish I could have utilized it earlier! I start my residency on February 16th so I hope to see you there as well! I wouldn't worry about being annoying, just keep telling them how much you want the job. I literally babbled to the ED lady for an hour and everytime I got tongue tied or flustered I kept saying "I'm sorry I'm really nervous because I really really want this position" and that seemed to work for me! Good luck with interviews! I'm sure you will do great and if you have anymore questions don't hesitate to ask. I have my last final tomorrow night and then I'll have all the time in the world til February 16th. woo hoo!
  10. by   FralliesMom_RN

    Congratulations on the job! That is fantastic news. I am definitely interested in ED. If I had to pick a speciality today, it would be ED. I'd love to stay in touch with you. I don't have the abilty to private message. However, if you search the previously described group on a certain social networking site, I'm the only Heather on there : )

    Congratulations again!
  11. by   jerseyjess
    Hi Heather,

    I think I found you so check your requests. It would be great to keep in touch and if you get to have any "dream days" during your clinicals maybe we can try to set it up so you shadow me!
  12. by   sdahl2
    Hey, I am going to try to bring this conversation back from the dead.

    I just found out I got the WHC scholarship but I am trying to find out more about the program. For those of you who are probably working there now, are you happy? What are the pros and cons?
  13. by   FarminRN
    I just wanted to thank you all for all of the questions and answers. They have been really informative to say the least. Best of luck to those still applying for jobs and thank you again.