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Has anyone received the 80% scholarship at Georgetown University for the accelerated 2nd degree program? I just applied for Spring 2010 and hope to receive this scholarship. I plan to stay in the... Read More

  1. by   lizzylou
    Go Hoyas!!! Heather, I'm so glad to see you made it in too! Pokytrokyt, we were at the same interview- what were you wearing? I was the girl with the theatre background, wearing a suit. Congrats everybody!!! See you in January
  2. by   Pokytrokyt
    Hi Lizzylou,

    Yeah I remember we chatted at bit. I was the old guy there! <laughing>

    Now we all just need to get WHC Scholarships and we're good to go.

    = Alex
  3. by   lizzylou
    That's fantastic! Former Japan residents will be well represented in our cohort Hopefully the scholarships will follow..
  4. by   JLSELD
    Hi Alex,
    I sat next to you at WHC on Saturday in the big round circle of potential students! I too received my acceptance letter today! Yay! However, I desparately need that scholarship. So crossing my fingers again! Congrats to you and I hope to see you in January!
  5. by   Pokytrokyt
    We need a Facebook group or something like that, so everyone in our cohort can stay in touch. Is anyone among us an expert in setting up FB groups?
  6. by   allimar87
    Hey guys, just letting you know that there is a FB page for the ABSN spring 2010!
  7. by   Pokytrokyt
    Great! What's the group name?
  8. by   allimar87
    LOL funny thing. We've been chatting on a different forum on this website and we got in trouble for writing the facebook group name and such. I would search our school name, spring 2010, absn, and make sure it's the group you are looking for, not people. Hope this makes sense!
  9. by   Pokytrokyt
    Gotcha. I'm on it now.


    - Alex
  10. by   jerseyjess

    I am one of the members of the first WHC scholars program. Our cohort graduates in a week and a half!

    Answers to some of the questions that I saw:

    Yes you work at WHC after graduation. Basically you are guaranteed a job in the hospital, just not necessarily where you want to be IN the hospital. You still have to send in applications and resumes like everyone else. I have my ED/ER interview on Thursday and am really nervous!

    Most clinicals are at WHC. I did not have my pediatric, mental health, or public health rotations there. Some scholars did have mental health there though.

    We were the "guinea pigs" of the scholarship program and unfortunately were frustrated a lot in the beginning. GU and WHC have really shaped up though in the last few months and are really trying to get this program up and running.


    Feel almost like a family with the other scholars and have most clinicals with the same people
    The majority of the instructors are AMAZING and really help you become a great nurse!
    Really get to know WHC
    Guaranteed a job when you graduate
    80% is a lot of money


    Don't get to see a lot of other area hospitals
    If you fall in love with pediatrics you are screwed because you cannot work in pediatrics if you are a scholar
    Still a new program and you get screwed with schedules occasionally
    Lots of competition for the "good jobs" when you graduate

    So it is definitely a personal decision, but I am happy that I am a scholar. You meet some great instructors and really feel like you are part of a family.
  11. by   JLSELD
    thanks for the insight jerseyjess! I am a scholar who will be starting in 4 weeks! I definately identify with your pros and cons list. The money and job security were obviously big factors in my decision. And i was also a little concern about no pediatrics because that is an area i am interested in. But i look at it like I have a whole career ahead of me and can always make a switch down the road. Plus they do have a NICU and while I am sure its highly competitive, its something to work toward even after a year or two. i working on picking out my schedule now. any advice on theology/philosophy electives? and what were your avg. cost for books a semester? thanks!
  12. by   JLSELD
    oh and if when you register for nurs070 and it says clinical is tue 7am-5pm it doesnt necessarily mean it will be that time?
  13. by   jerseyjess
    Hey JLSELD,

    Congrats on everything! Yeah it is good to go in with the mindset you have about having a whole career ahead of you. Definitely at times you will feel a bit frustrated and "trapped" if you focus on the here and now. It is good to really look towards the future and really 3 years isn't THAT much time.

    Yes the NICU is an option, but there was only one spot open this time around and I don't think anyone got it because they want more experienced nurses for it. Once you graduate you have to apply for specific 'residency' times and they only start twice a year... ours is February 16th.. and the next one is July.

    As for scheduling with Gtown classes. This was my BIGGEST frustration! A lot of times you would have your whole schedule set and then last minute the University would change it... or your clinical would get changed. So don't count on having the ideal schedule. As for clinical, those will probably be the times unless your clinical slot is canceled and they have to move you. They can be long, but you learn A LOT in clinical. The instructors are great!

    I came in with a philosophy course so I don't know about that. As for Theology, Gtown is a Jesuit university and ALL students must take 2 theology courses. When you register put ALL of your Theo classes at the top of your list and PRAY that you get them! Most likely you will not and be like me and get stuck with Asian Faces of Jesus or some other random class. There isn't much you can do, but if you do not get ANY classes talk with your academic advisor because they can work miracles! There is also a class not listed under Theology, but it is listed under nursing courses it is called "Problem of Suffering". It counts towards theo and is apparently a great class, I didn't hear about it til after I registered though!

    Books start off bad and then the cost tapers because you accumulate a lot of the books you need. First semester I probably paid $1500 this last semester probably $300. Go to class first because most of the time they will list a million books and you don't actually need all of them! Try and buy them off of Amazon too because the bookstore is outrageous! As for selling books back... I would keep your: Patho book, Pharmacology, Perry and Potter, Critical Care Nursing Book, Nursing drug book and Nursing diagnosis book at least til the end of school!

    Hope this helps!