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Has anyone received the 80% scholarship at Georgetown University for the accelerated 2nd degree program? I just applied for Spring 2010 and hope to receive this scholarship. I plan to stay in the area for awhile so the 3 year... Read More

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    Hi Heather, thank you for your generosity. I'm glad to hear that you loved being at Washington Hospital Center- that's the part I'm looking forward to the most too. 10 more days until mine- have a feeling it'll come quick! I'm glad to hear that yours went so smoothly, and I'll let you know how mine goes.
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    Just wanted to let everyone know that I had my interview at WHC and Georgetown for the Accelerated BSN program last Saturday (10/3/09). I probably would have been sweating bullets about the interview at GU, but I received an email notice the previous Thursday that I was accepted for the Accelerated BSN program at Marymount University in VA, starting in January 2010. So by the time Saturday rolled around, I was pretty chill about the whole interview process at GU - since I was already admitted to go SOMEWHERE.

    As others have mentioned, the morning was a tour of Washington Hospital Center, and group interviews/Q&A. I think the group interviews were crucial. The folks from GU and WHC took a lot of notes while candidates were introducing themselves and talking about themselves a bit. The afternoon was a tour back at GU, group interviews, and one on one interviews. Again, I think the group interviews at GU were at least as important as the one on one interviews.

    TWO HOURS AGO, I received an email from Georgetown, telling me I've been accepted for the ABSN program starting in January 2010!! So I am literally still bouncing off the walls, I'm so happy!

    I won't hear about the WHC Scholars program until next week, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they'll accept me, too.

    Go Hoyas!!
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    Congratulations Pokytrokyt! I just received the good news myself. I can't even believe it! I'm also bouncing off the walls, waiting for my husband to get home! The dogs aren't sure what to think : )

    Crossing my fingers for the both of us that we get the scholarship!

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    Go Hoyas!!! Heather, I'm so glad to see you made it in too! Pokytrokyt, we were at the same interview- what were you wearing? I was the girl with the theatre background, wearing a suit. Congrats everybody!!! See you in January
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    Hi Lizzylou,

    Yeah I remember we chatted at bit. I was the old guy there! <laughing>

    Now we all just need to get WHC Scholarships and we're good to go.

    = Alex
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    That's fantastic! Former Japan residents will be well represented in our cohort Hopefully the scholarships will follow..
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    Hi Alex,
    I sat next to you at WHC on Saturday in the big round circle of potential students! I too received my acceptance letter today! Yay! However, I desparately need that scholarship. So crossing my fingers again! Congrats to you and I hope to see you in January!
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    We need a Facebook group or something like that, so everyone in our cohort can stay in touch. Is anyone among us an expert in setting up FB groups?
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    Hey guys, just letting you know that there is a FB page for the ABSN spring 2010!
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    Great! What's the group name?

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