Georgetown New graduate nursing program 2012

  1. Hello! Does anyone know people in the new graduate nursing program at georgetown. What Gpa are they looking for in their new grads. It seems like its pretty competitive
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  3. by   MaryEMT
    3.2 is what is stated on the website I believe.
  4. by   Hannah22
    3.2 is the minimum--the nurse recruiter said that most of the applicants they accept have a GPA greater than or equal to 3.8.
  5. by   em20
    3.8?! Wow!! It surprises me the minimum is a 3.2 then if they're looking to accept students with significantly higher GPAs. Did any of you apply for summer 2012?
  6. by   Zagnurse5
    I got a call and am flying up for a second interview on the 3rd. My GPA is a 3.37 there is hope
  7. by   em20
    Zagnurse5 when did you hear from them for the upcoming new grad day? I applied and have received emails from recruiters up until when they said everyone would be notified the 28th of December. Checking my email constantly since that day but nothing yet! I have a 3.67 and have been working as a tech so I thought I was a good candidate!
  8. by   Zagnurse5
    I am not sure I was invited to new grad day. I was the only one there when I interviewed and they hired me an hour after I left. I will be part of the new grad cohort starting Feb 13th. (I just graduated Dec 2011). You sound like an awesome candidate, I would be surprised if they do not pick you. I was not ever a nurse tech. I would say my strengths were my community service, my cover letter, and my nursing grades. Keep your head up and stay in touch with them!
  9. by   em20
    That's awesome! I'm hoping it works out. I talked to them today and they're going to be in touch! Good luck with the orientation and such

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