Georgetown Accelerated BSN hopefuls -- fall 2013

  1. Hey -- anyone else applying to GU Fall of 2013?
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  3. by   isy123
    Hello! I am also applying for Fall 2013!
  4. by   nursingjudgment
    Yay!! Is your stuff still being processed on NursingCAS? I keep checking to see if they have calculated my GPA or anything, but nada so far.
  5. by   isy123
    Not yet. I just submitted the NursingCAS application today. I think it's supposed to take them a few weeks to process everything. When did you submit yours?

    Also I was wondering, did you find any information as to how long the video interview should be?
  6. by   nursingjudgment
    I didn't. Mine was about 10 minutes, but I couldn't find any information anywhere about length (or really any suggestions either). I tried looking here on the forums, but couldn't find much.

    I submitted mine in December, so it's been awhile. They have received everything -- I know that because I called and checked. Did you apply anywhere else?
  7. by   isy123
    Ok. My video is about as long as yours.

    I did not apply anywhere else. Georgetown is one of the few schools for which I meet the prerequisites, and I also want to stay in the east coast at this time. Hopefully, it will work out; otherwise, I shall take some other prerequisite courses to widen my options of schools I can apply to.

    Where else did you apply?
  8. by   nursingjudgment
    I have to stay in DC -- my fiance goes to Georgetown for graduate school -- so I applied to GU, GWU, UMSON, and Marymount. I think I would have applied to Georgetown even if I still lived on the West Coast, though. Where did you get your undergraduate degree? I got mine at Pepperdine in CA.
  9. by   isy123
    I got my undergraduate degree at DeSales University, a small school in PA.

    Best of luck with all your applications!
  10. by   nickriga
    Quote from ersoch
    Hey -- anyone else applying to GU Fall of 2013?
    I'm applying for Fall 2013 ABSN program, too! Looking forward to touching base with everyone here after the deadline for any status updates. Good luck, folks!
  11. by   nursingjudgment
    Yay! Good luck to you too!
  12. by   oh191
    Hey everyone! I am also applying for the program! I submitted my application about a week and a half ago and it is still being processed by NursingCAS. Is anyone still completing pre reqs? I have a few to take over the summer if I am admitted.
  13. by   nursingjudgment
    I have a few to complete as well. I'm taking A & P, stats, nutrition, ethics, and human growth and development this semester. I don't need all of those in order to reach the minimum they require, but if I get in, I want ot have as much room in my schedule as possible.
  14. by   nickriga
    I have three remaining prereqs that I'll have to take this summer: Microbiology, Stats, and Chemistry. Besides those (which are crucial), all others are on the books! Anyone have any idea when we should hear back from admissions for interviews? Also, are you aiming for the WHC scholarship?