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    Yes, a few of us have heard. If you want to be sure, maybe you could call them about your status.

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    Could someone post if you get a confirm e-mail about the WHS scholarship interview day? I received a confirm only for the information session. I was wondering if they cut people based on essays alone and don't invite them for an interview...not sure how this works. Does anyone know?
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    will do ProfessorT! I was under the impression that all applicants to WHC would be interviewed. In the original WHC email it said "Applicants for the Georgetown Scholars at Washington Hospital Center program will also be required to confirm attendance at an accompanying visit to Washington Hospital Center in order to interview for a position in this program."

    Since they did not say 'selected applicants' I assumed that meant all applicants. I guess we will find out soon!
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    Thanks, Isy! I think I'm just getting too nervous. Ha. It will be great to meet everyone!
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    I just received an email from (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME) about meeting time for WHC tour at 8:30!
    Last edit by sirI on Mar 24, '13 : Reason: PLEASE DO NOT POST NAMES OF THOSE IN YOUR PROGRAM PER TOS
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    Hi, everyone.

    Congrats to everyone who got good news! I also received an invitation for a campus tour. I'm so excited! Does anyone know if this means we've been officially accepted to the program? If not, will there be additional interviews (not for WHC, just for general admission) during the visit?
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    Hello Lewayne,

    The invitation for the campus tour does not mean you are officially accepted. There is another elimination round, however, I do not think there is an interview for admissions so i am not really sure how they make the final selection. Does anyone know?

    Congrats on making it through the first round though!

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    I read another thread that stated they accept 1/3 of the people they invite. That seems low to me, though. The most recent cohort stated that there was no interview for the Georgetown info session, but they watch you closely all day long and take notes about how you interact with others. One student posted that the WHS interview was pretty short (and she got the scholarship).
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    In the past, students found out pretty quickly after the two-day session. Some in just a few days. That's all I've found out from other threads so far.
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    In the email I got, it said WHC interviews would be 15-20 minutes long which seems like a normal interview time, but you are right, past interviewees have mentioned that it was really short. Maybe this year they are planning to ask more questions...

    1/3 also seems low for me...I am not sure how many they eliminate in the first round though

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