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George Washington University absn acceptance

  1. 0 Hi everyone,

    George Washington is my number one choice for nursing school. Can anyone who has been accepted tell me what their stats where? Thanks
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    I really wish someone could answer this question because I would really love to know this information as well. I emailed admissions last week to try to get some detailed information about what makes a competitive applicant (especially if you've maybe had some academic pitfalls in the past), and just received what seemed to be a pre-written email they send out to anyone who requests any type of information about the program (and there was no information in the email that I didn't already learn from their website).
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    Hi hopeful CMN,

    What do you know about academic pitfalls and GW. I'm in the same position. I have two and a half years of Ws on my transcripts but completely turned everything around and graduated with a 3.4. So I feel your pain.
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    Well, the general impression I get with GW and allot of other schools is really that they take a "holistic" approach when reviewing applications, meaning that they look at life experience, volunteering, your personal statement, as well as your GPA. I do think that your academic record is more heavily weighted on the most recent classes taken (like the last 60 credits or so), and I know for allot of schools you pre-req grades are more important than even your cumulative GPA. What makes me really nervous is that although I have a decent GPA in my last 120 credits (3.7), I got a C in the first quarter of A&P... I'm not entirely sure how big of a problem this will be