George Mason Accelerated BSN Fall 2011 - page 4

Hi all, I'm applying to GMU's accelerated BSN program for fall 2011 admission, and I have a few questions... First of all, I know that they don't require letters of recommendation, but will they accept them and read them if... Read More

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    is it for traditional too!!!

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    They told me that they are sending the ASD applicant's letters first. But hopefully, it won't be long for you also.
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    Does ASD stand for "Traditional" or "Accelerated?"
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    yeah what exactly is ASD??
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    Accelerated second degree.
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    I just got accepted!

    Letters should be coming soon for the rest of you, but I live very close to the school.
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    I am on the GMU nursing waitlist...
    Letter came today and said that my app was strong, but I guess not strong enough...
    Does anyone know my chances of getting in?
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    I got in as well!! What a relief!!!! I live down in Woodbridge. Expect your letters soon everyone!!!
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    and eferree, I have heard of two people finding out the summer before the program started last year that they got in (one in june and one person a week before classes started) so don't totally rule out getting accepted later on.
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    I heard a rumor that the classes for the GMU accelerated program were in the Manassas campus. Is this true?

    ....obviously the clinicals all are over....

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