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Hello, I am wondering if anyone can shed some light on the cost of a Nursing license in D.C. as well as how long it takes to receive it and any other particulars you would care to share. Also what... Read More

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    Here is the official site for D.C. Board of Nursing. http://hrla.doh.dc.gov/hrla/site/default.asp. God Bless.

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    If you live in the DC area, take the time to drive to DC, once you have all of your paperwork together and bring the stuff into the Department of Health yourself, in person. You can get same-day service (or nearly same day service) if you have everything done, and you bring it in yourself.

    Otherwise, it can take months, and you get into issues like lost licenses in the mail etc.

    Again, be sure you have everything in order before going there. That can be the toughest part.

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    I applied by mail for licensure by endorsement. It was $230. I'm listed on their website as being licensed since mid-January, but I haven't received my license yet. I was a little surprised that my license expires this June. That seems a little early, but I think DC has all RNs renew their licesnses at the same time on even years and all LPNs renew on odd years, so I think eventually I'll only have to renew every other year.

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