Coming for a visit; what do you suggest?

  1. 0 Hi all. Please excuse the non-nursing related nature of this thread, but I think this forum is where it belongs. I am coming to a conference in DC next week. My brother lives in Arlington, VA, so I am coming a few days early to spend with him and his fiance. Then, I'll be at the conference for 4 days. It is at the Phoenix Park Hotel across from Union Square station. Do you have any suggestions for restaurants I should try while there? I'm sure my brother will have ideas for the nights I'm with them, but since I get to DC so rarely (this will be my first time since high school), I want to get as much "bang for my buck" as possible. Thanks for any suggestions. Also, if you have any touristy types of suggestions, I'd love those, too. I know for sure I want to see the Smithsonian, and we're going to the Capitol to meet with legislators. Thanks again!
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