Anyone starting at GUH as a new grad in summer 2010??

  1. Hey!

    I was just offered a position in the SICU in Georgetown University Hospital to start this summer... I was wondering if anyone else will be starting in the hospital as a new grad in the summer and what unit you'll be working on. Also, is anyone relocating? How's that going and do you have any advice?
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  3. by   IGiveTheShots
    I'm also starting at GUH in July. I'll be in the PICU, and I'm coming from Chicago. Super excited to be moving, but I graduate in June so its going to be a pretty hectic month. Worth it, I guess! I have no idea what i'll be moving/how i'll be doing it, so I agree, advice would be appreciated!
  4. by   elk280
    Yea, I graduate in July so I'm starting on August 16th- it will definitely be a pretty crazy summer but I can't wait! Do you know anyone else starting this summer, and do you think there's anyway we can find out so we can network a little bit with each other before we all start??
  5. by   IGiveTheShots
    You know, I'm not sure. I don't know of anyone else besides us (and the girl that is in the PICU w/ me) that are starting this summer. Feel free to PM me though and we can look each other up on Facebook.