We have several victims in our hospital

  1. 0 They arrived on Saturday and today more are supposed to arrive. We have two victims on our floor. One is a nursing home patient who is now waiting for placement and the other a gentleman who is S/P total knee 2 weeks ago and had been walking in that filthy water for 3 days. So far so signs of infection. The help from our community and hospital has been tremendous. Clothes, shoes, socks, underwear, toiletries, magazines, snacks, cash, luggage, he says he feels as though it's Christmas for him. He said he now knows what "southern hospitality" means and says he won't return to New Orleans but will remain here. I asked him what is something he really wanted. He wants a radio that plays CD's and told me which ones he wants so I'm buying the radio and CD's for him this morning. A local church has found him a home that he can stay in rent free indefinately and they will pay his utilities until he get on his feet. It so wonderul to hear good news for a change. God Bless the USA !
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    Thanks, Dutchgirl. Prayers going up here for the gentleman's leg, that he doesn't get an infection, and that he gets settled in a new home quickly.

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