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    I'm looking for some information that has been quite elusive. I'm a registered nurse, and would like to travel to a Third World country and volunteer with a medical missions group. Most of the organizations I've found offered 1 or 2 week stints. I'm thinking of going for 6 months, since my financial situation will allow it. I'd be more inclined to travel to a Spanish-speaking country, since I know some Spanish. Does anyone have any information about organizations that are involved in this kind of work? I'd appreciate any info--
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    Have you tried Mercy Ships?

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    Says they require at least a 6 month time obligation... w/ preference for those with 9-12 months.
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    There are a lot of groups that would love to have long-term volunteers. I suggest starting by looking through the list here:


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    I totally want to work with doctorswithoutborders also. I guess I'll have to wait several years, but I think it would be amazing, and rewarding work!

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    Try New Hope Foundation, China. They are still accepting volunteers until now wether you are nurse or not..Hope to see you
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    What are the short term trips you are finding. I am having the same problem but opposite. Looking for short term trips.