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I have wanted to join the Peace Corps since I was a kid. I've looked into it but I would love to hear some stories of nurses, OR techs, etc who have worked with the Peace Corps. My biggest worry is the language barrier. Also,... Read More

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    I am interested in volunteering for the Peace Corps but I am trying to work a couple years to get experience, I just graduated. The only thing I am afraid of is loosing some basic nursing skills since the Peace Corps for nurses seems to be aimed for at education. Does anyone know how much hands on care nurses can do for the Peace Corps or is it mostly education?

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    Hi there -
    I was a PCV in Central Africa (1998-2001) and am now a nurse. It had been my lifelong dream and encourage anyone who feels the desire to do it, to follow that.
    Although many volunteers work as teachers, about 10-20% work in health, which is what I did (and this was before I ever even thought about becoming a nurse!). I lived in a small remote village and worked at the local mother-baby clinic (which was staffed by a handful of nurses and two local midwives - we never had a doctor and only sometimes had medicine). I did a lot of health education, as well as baby-weighing, vaccination, and the occassional semi-medical task (because I was 'the white American' people often assumed I was a doctor and wanted me to do all kinds of things....)
    As someone with healthcare training/background you would have a great deal to offer in the countries where Peace Corps volunteers serve.
    Good luck!
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    I was told by a PC recruiter at a career fair a few years ago that they didn't want nurses. He said that they were not set up to utilize our skills and did not want us to lose them while we were in PC.

    I was about to start my nursing program and ******. Maybe it's not accurate...
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    I am a RPCV (return peace corps volunteer, the title you get when you complete your service). I was in Nicaragua for 2 1/2 years teaching health education topics, helping with vaccination campaigns and helping out in the clinic in the town. I wa in a small village with no running water so I bathed in a river. I was there 95-97. It was the most rewarding experience for me. I wa not a nurse at the time but was did have an impact for me to study nursing later. I lived in a village of about 200 people
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