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  1. 0 Hi there! I'm looking for any information anyone can give me who has volunteered with Mercy Ships -- either currently or in the past. From the website I am pretty interested but was hoping maybe to hear from someone with experience w/them? (:
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    Have you received any feedback? I too am considering a tour with them. My biggest concern is safety.
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    Good day:

    From 60 minutes this past Sunday: Africa Mercy: Hospital of hope - 60 Minutes - CBS News

    Thank you.
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    My time with Mercy Ships was wonderful and I would recommend it to anyone. The team of volunteers are amazing to work with and the patients will leave imprints on your heart forever!

    Safety is a consideration, however, you are living on the ship which has several levels of security.
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    Not sure if anyone's still reading this thread, but hi from the Africa Mercy, currently docked in Pointe Noire, Congo! I've worked with Mercy Ships for nearly 6 years now, so I can answer any questions you might have.
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    Does mercy ship use LPN's? If yes what is their scope of practice on the ship?
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    Ali, are you still volunteering with Mercy ships? I'm waiting to here back from the CRNA school that I applied to. My plan is to join Mercy ships after I get some CRNA experience in the States. Is there much need for CRNAs that you see on the ship? Also, what's your schedule like? Do you go into town and hang out at times?

    I seriously cannot wait to join.