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International Medical Relief career advice

  1. 1 Hello all!

    I was hoping that this forum might afford me some truly needed information. I am hoping to pursue a future in international medical relief, MSF or the red cross.

    My Background:
    I have five years of pediatric trauma/emergency nursing experience, worked as nurse educator, clinical supervisor, and have worked on multiple organizational quality improvement teams that have resulted in published works. I am currently working on my first publication at this time. I am preparing a transfer to the PACU to gain some perioperative experience. My MSN in Nursing Education will be finished middle of 2015. I am working with my local red cross and training for a Disaster Management volunteer position.

    Any tips? What career moves would you recommend between now and completion of my masters? Is there a good avenue to begin working as an international nurse?

    I appreciate any and all information!

    Thank you,
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    Hi there! This is an old post but wanted to ask you what you have been up to and if you have moved closer to your goal since January. I am interested in doing international aid work as well.
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    Do you folks speak French? That's the number one suggestion I have... French speakers are needed more than any other language.
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    I do speak French! Any other advice?