Help in Haiti ?

  1. I am a RN graduate waiting to take my State Boards. I am feeling a "tug" to go and help the people of Haiti. Does anyone know of an organization which I can contact and find out if I can go and volunteer my skills?
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  3. by   classicdame
    Red Cross
  4. by   ElvishDNP
    From what I understand, the Red Cross isn't currently accepting volunteers to go to Haiti. The California Nurses' Association is putting together a team of volunteers, as they have done for several disasters in recent history, to mobilize at some point.

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  5. by   juiceBSN
    I am a new graduate as well in the same boat you are, waiting to take my boards and I would like to go to Haiti. I keep hearing the red cross but I am not sure either.
  6. by   Lyndalee
    I am in Southeast Florida. If anyone knows anything--please post. And Red Cross is not accepting any volunteers to go to Haiti at this time.
  7. by   AU-RN
    From everything I have MUST have a valid and active RN license in hand in order to go to Haiti.

    Not to mention a Passport, and like 10 different kinds of vaccines that the average US RN would never need or be required to have received.

    It's sad that they make it hard for RN's to get to the disaster areas in time of need. You would think the State Dept would grant quick temp Passports only to licensed medical personel that are going to Haiti.