Haitian Relief Efforts-Nurses, we need you!

  1. Hi AllNurses family,

    As you all know by now, Haiti has been devastated by a 7.0 earthquake. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere-this was before the earthquake.

    We need your help! RNs, LPN/LVNs/CNAs, please help by donating The Red Cross (please earmark it for Haiti), Yele Foundation (send text message to 501501 with the message 'Yele'), or any other foundation you feel comfortable with.

    You can also get involved by fundraising within your churches, social groups, etc. Please appeal to your hospital/nursing homes to donate medical supplies to Haiti. If you have the time and capacity, please volunteer for a medical mission.

    Nursing students, we need you too! Please fundraise and collect goods within your student body and alumni. Again, we need you!

    I've been in shock pretty much the whole day, but I've finally snapped out of it. My grandmother is there and in my heart, I know she's safe.

    Please AllNurses family, send your prayers to the people of Haiti.
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  3. by   twinmommy+2
    You, your Grandmother, and the Haitian people are already in my prayers. God Bless your family
  4. by   houseliberty
    Thank you for posting this, I'm an LPN living in New Jersey. I've donated to the "YELE" fund via text by texting "YELE" to 501501, it was just $5 per text, I spend more on lunch daily at work. I'm about to donate to the AMERICAN RED CROSS after posting this reply, I really wish I could do more, very sad, very sad helping is the human thing to do every little bit help...GOD BLESS!!! PRAYING FOR HAITI NOW
  5. by   spaniel
    Yes, a very desperate situation. Let us also put a lot of pressure on the bigger medical corporations to increase donations-stat. The big sports conglomerates also...
    From my understanding, the need for even basic comfort meds, i.e. pain meds for crush injuries in the street is severe.
    God bless all involved in whatever capacity.
  6. by   hopefulUS
    My heart was broken when I hear the news I wish i was a nurse already, and be able to go and help with the relief work. God Bless you, your grandmother and all the people in Haiti. <3