Experience, Yes, but what kind?

  1. OK, this has been bugging me for awhile, just wanted to get some thoughts. I am currently a nursing student (LPN grad in July 2006, :hatparty: RN May 2007). Eventually, I want to work in overseas missions, but first I know I need to get some experience. I am interested in working in disaster relief and in a clinic setting in a rural area (looking at Moldova, Siberia, something over there). Anyway, I was wondering if you all had some input as to what KIND of experience would be best before I go overseas. I love, love, love the ER, but is this the best experience for what I want to do? For the disaster relief, ER would be great, but what about the clinic setting (most of the ones I know about also do some home-health kind of visits)? Would doing Med-Surg first and then ER be best? Is ER with some home health what I need? I am going to be getting an EMS job also, so I will have that experience. Any and all thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Would you consider some medical missions of short term duration before you move?? I work in a busy ER and many of our nurses go to Haiti for a couple of weeks once or twice per year. They do take non-medical folks too. I would definitely do some serious investigating before taking off overseas.
  4. by   suzanne4
    Most types of overseas missions want at least the RN after your name, not sure if you were planning on getting that. This is for the longer type of programs. If you wish to go with a church group, you may find some that will take you with the LPN, but again, most still want the RN if for a nursing role.

    Many of the other countries do not have the LPN in their country, that is where s problem also arises.

    Emergency or Surgery would be the two best areas if your goal is to work for medical missions. You will find the most positions available there.
  5. by   EMTandNurse2B
    Yes, I am working on getting my RN, hopefully I will have it by May, 2007. I will work here in the US for a while (at least 2 years, I'm hoping), and probably volunteer on some short-term mission teams before I go long-term.