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Doctors Without Borders - Telephone Screening?

  1. 0 I have applied to work with Doctors Without Borders/MSF. They contacted me and set up an appointment in a couple of weeks for a "brief" phone screen/interview with the HR office in New York.

    I was wondering if anyone has been through this process and if you could give me a heads up as to what will be discussed during this phone screening? I am aware that, should I be selected, the actual interview would take place in person at the New York office. However, in the info online R/T the application process no mention was made of a phone screening.

    I am excited about this opportunity and I just want to be prepared. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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    Unfortunately I don't have any advice for you, but I wish you luck in the interview! I'm curious to know how it goes for you. I'd like to work for MSF one day.
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    I'm in a similar situation. Hoping you can shed some light on what to expect and how things have gone since then!

    Thank you!!
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    I'm curious, what kind of nursing/life experience have you had? I applied for MSF last year and thought I would be a viable candidate, after talking with others who have done this, but I got back a generic rejection that said "learn French and travel more". I have a hard time seeing how I COULD travel more, unless I did one of those pay-for-play, usually Christian-based medical missions trips. (I travel abroad every year and have spent weeks at a time in underdeveloped countries.)
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    For anyone who is interested, the phone screening is a very straightforward 15 minute call. It was a scripted Q&A; some questions were identical to those on the application, and others were in a similar vein. There was then time to ask the recruiter questions and discuss the next steps in the process. Not something to be worried about!
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    Let me start off by telling you this is the second time I've applied (and I'm not hired yet!).

    I can tell you that I've been a nurse for almost ten years. My specialty is women's health, although I do not get the idea that what kind of nursing you do is that significant. I have heard they like to see some experience in the non-hospital setting. I have lived as a student in Latin America and Africa, and spent half of a year running a clinic as a volunteer in South America (it was right after I didn't get hired by them the first time). I speak French fluently, and I have a Master's in public health.

    That resume has gotten me through the first rounds. When I applied the first time, I hadn't gone to grad school nor I had I volunteered abroad, even though I'd spent significant time abroad. I only had about 3 years of experience when I applied the first time too.

    It made me SO sad when I got rejected, and I'm hopeful things will work out this time - but who knows? Just like every other job out there, there a million things that effect whether or not we get a job, and some of those aren't "fair"! If there's anything else I can tell you, please let me know!
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    Thank you! That makes me feel a lot better. I've only read posts from people who did get interviews on here. I would love to hear more about running the clinic in South America.

    I didn't go to an in-person information session--I did the one online--and I think it was misleading about what they're looking for. I thought because I had charge nurse experience and spoke a bit of French, that would be all right, combined with my travel experience.

    Best of luck to you!
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    heyy, I am planning to apply for MSF this year, but i am having trouble with my cover letter can anyone help me pllllz..