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  1. Hi everyone-

    I'm a 33 year old working mom of two kids with a husband and a bachelor's degree in Marketing. I've recently realized that I am not very happy doing what I am currently doing and have always been interested in getting into nursing. I would love to go back to school. However, I'm finding (based on comments, etcc)that it is next to impossible to have a full-time job and do an accelerated BSN program in Northern Virginia. Unfortunately, we are not in the position for me to leave a full-time job to just attend school full-time so I wanted to find out if you have been in a similar situation or if you know someone that has been in a similar situation and what they did to be able to go back to school. We absolutely need two incomes in our household right now. Any advice, feedback, suggestions would be most helpful!
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  3. by   vwde
    I just came out of an accelerated BSN program and would definitely agree with anyone who's told you not to work while in it. There are 2 year BSN/ADN programs in the area that may allow you more freedom to work. I think, if my program would've been split into 2 years, I would've been able to hold down a job. I would always side with a BSN, especially since you could transfer all your core classes from your first degree, so definitely look into those.
  4. by   MsbossyRN
    Those who worked fulltime during our program and I was in an accelerated ADN did not make it to the end or had to quick their jobs. I ended quiting mine to be able to focus on school and my children. Nursing school is like 2 full time jobs
  5. by   lkwashington
    You can think about taking out student loans. Just enough to get through nursing school and to help take care home. You may choose to go part time at your current job also.

    I am currently working two prn jobs. I pay for my own health insurance. I am not married and no children at this time. I am planning on starting school in January 2011. I took in consideration taking out student loans. Put it this way I am going to. I will be working in a hospital setting as a staff nurse and a clinical instructor. I will put my education first and this is why I am taking out a student loan. If school gets hard and stressful. I can cut back on working in the hospital. I can work when I have the time to work. I will continue to work as a clinical instructor because I am going back to school for my MSN in education.

    I spoke with my mother who is also my bestfriend but mom first. She explained to me if you take a loan out for school take enough out so you can concentrate on finishing school and cut your work hours back. She states you are young and able to pay back the student loans.

    I hope I didnt go off the subject. I am going through some tough decisions also. But educations is a good investment. Is your Bachelor degree in Marketing is a art or science. This does make a difference because something classes you probably dont have to take over. The entrance exam you may exempt. You do have half of the battle under your belt. Good luck to you.