Will my age keep me from a good nursing career? - page 4

I am in my early 50's. I am in classes now and worried that being in my 50's as a nurse will keep me from getting a good nursing job. I guess that "officially" hospitals and employers can't discriminate based on age. But... Read More

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    Having lots of "life experience" was a HUGE plus when I went looking for an APN job. But a minus when I looked for an RN job. Glad I left bedside nursing and became an NP. My patients are always telling me they are glad I "get it" because I have been there, done that. Potential employers were happy to have someone who had plenty of life experience interview, and several of them told me that that's what they were looking for in an employee. Plus, I looked too old to have babies, I suspect!

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    I'm thinking about going back for LPN. At 51 I still need prereks for classes/schools. I also work ft days and really want to go to evening school.

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