VCU Traditional BSN Fall 2011

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    Hi everyone!
    I applied to the VCU Traditional BSN Program for Fall 2011 and was wondering if anyone else here applied. I got my email about a week ago stating my application was complete, so now I'm just nervously waiting until March! Anyone else hoping to attend VCU's Traditional BSN program in the fall?

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    I have also applied for the BSN program for Fall 2011. I hate waiting until March to find out if I got in, but I know that time will fly by before I know it. I also applied to Germanna. Did you apply anywhere else? Will you be working while taking the curriculum? I currently work in a hospital ER as an ER tech and it gives you so much experience. I am just nervous about working full time (3 12 hr shifts).
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    Please keep us posted. My daughter is in the traditional BSN program at VCU and loves it! I hope the best for you both.
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    I actually only applied to VCU. I considered UVA but in the end decided that it would be a lot less convenient location-wise. I will most likely not be working during school unless it is a relatively low stress, several days a week job. The wait is killing me! I need to know already! I will post here when I find out; hopefully some others do as well.
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    For some unknown reason many VCU SON students don't use or even know about allnurses. I usually keep my daughter up to date on the latest news and happpenings from this site.
    I wouldn't expect too many posters.
    I know the competition is pretty tough to get in. Alex189, are you presently a student somewhere?
    I know of a few people that have applied for the traditional BSN program at VCU and are waiting to hear as well.
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    Yes, I am presently a freshman at Virginia Tech. I have heard that it is very competitive and really hope I am able to get in this year! Did your daughter apply early decision or regular?
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    My daughter is a sophomore and was accepted into the SON last year as a freshman right out of high school. VCU didn't do that this year because out of the 30 freshman that were accepted last year, only 21 are still in the program. A few decided to go to medical school, a few didn't like it and a few didn't cut-it.
    The nursing advisers are very helpful and I don't know if you've seen the school of nursing building but it's only a few years old and it's beautiful.
    When should you be hearing?
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    Wow, that's great! Yes, the building is very nice and whenever I call the SON, the advisors are always so helpful. I should be hearing back mid-March, but I'm hoping maybe I'll hear back a little earlier. I'm so excited to hear back!
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    Any word yet?
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    I was going to apply to UVa as well but then I would have to relocate. At least I could commute from where I live now until I find a place in Richmond.

    @ Cathylady: I can see why they changed the admission credentials and it is probably for the best. Most nursing schools only accept students once they have finished the prerequisites, it gives them a good idea of how the student will do in the program.

    I heard from others that sometimes they send out admission decisions earlier, but I am just so anxious to hear back. Let us know on your status!

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