vcu amsn/absn admissions

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    I'm new to this forum. Received a waitlist letter for VCU's AMSN program today. Anyone else hear anything? There was a note in my letter saying ABSN letters would be sent out mid-Jan.

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    I got a wait list letter for the AMSN program today. I am kind of bummed, but still have 3 schools to hear from.
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    Have you completed all your pre-reqs for vcu? I'm wondering if they waitlist applicants when they dont have official transcripts for all the pre-reqs
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    I am taking MicroBio and Physiology with labs this spring, so that could be a possibility. Do you still have outstanding prereqs?
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    I finished my pre-reqs last semester. Am abt to send my transcript in. I know 2 people who got into the MSN pgm. Both were waitlisted and both found out accepted after they turned in all the transcripts for the pre-reqs.

    Edited to clarify that the people I know were admitted previous years not this year.
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    That's interesting. I guess I will just have to wait and see at this point. Hopefully something will work out in the end for us all.
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    Hey everyone, I've been reading on this forum for awhile, I don't think I've commented yet though. I just received a big envelope today and have been accepted into the AMSN program for child's health. I'm really hoping you all get in from the seems like people have a really good shot at getting in from the waitlist, so fingers crossed!
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    Slustudent, did you finish your pre-reqs before you applied? Just gathering data for my theory. I didn't realize there even was a child health specialty. Congrats and good luck!
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    Thanks...and yeah the child health specialty prepares MSN students to be primary care NPs for pediatrics. What specialties did you all apply to, or the ABSN program? I have one pre-req left to take this semester-Human Physiology (I already took Anatomy, my school does one full semester w/ lab of Anatomy, and then one full semester of Physiology w/ lab). I just took Nutrition this past semester and had my updated transcript sent to VCU about a week ago.
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    So much for my theory. I applied under adult acute care.

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