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I'm new to this forum. Received a waitlist letter for VCU's AMSN program today. Anyone else hear anything? There was a note in my letter saying ABSN letters would be sent out mid-Jan.... Read More

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    Welp got the letter and didn't make it in this time around. I'll try again next year, maybe I'll have better luck since all of my pre-reqs will be done then. Good luck to everyone else waiting and best of luck in the new school year!

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    Congratulations to everyone that got in and good luck to everyone on the waiting list! I'm so excited to start classes in May! A Facebook group is a great idea. I was hoping to live with another ABSN or AMSN student. If anyone else is interested in the same thing, feel free to PM me.
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    I have created the FB page and you can find it titled VCU ABSN Class of 2013. I figured out how to get it started by adding my husband and then removing him. So I don't think we have to "friend" anyone to be a part of the group. If you have photos and posts however that you don't want others in the group to see until you meet them in person or get to know them better be aware you need to check your security settings!

    Good luck everyone!
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    I received my acceptance letter for the ABSN program sometime last week (my mom didn't tell me. I mailed it home). I am so excited! I'm nervous to move cross country (from UT), but I did grow up in Northern VA. Congrats to everyone else!
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    Hey guys!
    I was wondering if any current VCU accelerated bsn students could give me some insight as to the typical daily/weekly schedule for the accelerated bsn program. Do you have classes/clinicals typically all day every day? How do you like it?! Any feedback would be a great help!


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