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Hey, everybody!! I'm new to this site. I was wondering if anyone is applying for vcu's accelerated program this year for the summer of 2013? I'm currently a junior at VCU, finishing up a degree w/minor in psy. I'm... Read More

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    Quote from jenf21
    Also, can someone who can see the VCU ABSN Class of 2014 FB group just post a link to it, maybe?
    Hi Jenf21,

    I sent you a pm with all the information. For others interested in renting a room in a house all of her information is on the VCU SON page on Facebook.

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    Does anyone know how many students were accepted into the program? I saw that in previous years there were around 80. Just curious and looking forward to meeting everyone.
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    I was accepted, but unfortunately have decided to decline. I just emailed admissions today-hope someone on the waitlist gets some good news soon!
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    I was recently accepted off the wait list, so I might have you to thank, SMB13. THANK YOU! I am ecstatic!
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    Does anyone know how many people are on the wait list or how many typically come off the wait list?
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    I've also been accepted from the wait list!! So excited! Can anyone post a link to the facebook page? I'm having trouble finding it. I'm interested in finding a roommate!
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    Posting links to Facebook violates the allnurses Terms of Service (TOS). But someone can post the exact group name for you to search on.
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    i had planned to apply for the acclerated program but i still have 2 summer classes, before i can graduate with my degree. So i applied to the traditional program. They said emails/letters go out in late March. I read through the comments for the late Jan for acclerated program and you guys heard on the 22nd. So late March for traditonal is hopefully the 22nd for us too. Fingers crossed
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    i'm so nervous...... i've literally been checking my email/mailbox everyday. I did retake anatomy last semester and got B, i had a C the lst time i took the class my freshman year and even got a preceptorship for anatomy this semester. Come on MCV
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    Hi izgc, I'm applied for the traditional program and we're suppose to hear back in late March. I see that the accelerated program was late Jan and you got your email on the 22nd. I was hoping for the 22nd of March for us as well. Did you get an email lst or a letter/envelope in the mail?

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