UVA New Grad RN 2012 - page 2

Hey did anyone apply for UVA Medical Center's RN Clinician1 New Graduate positions?? I applied a few days ago and was wondering if anyone know when they will start contacting people? Happy New... Read More

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    Thank you! How did you feel about the questions they asked?
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    i was hired into the picu, so i had a pretty good idea the types of things they would ask me and i was ready. all psycho social stuff, nothing technical. why do you want to work in the picu, pediatrics. what about your background makes you a good fit for it.
    they want to make sure you have a good idea what you're getting into, and that you're excited about it.

    what unit are you interviewing for? maybe i can help there. it's today yes? write me at tkistner@gmail.com and i'll give you my phone number if you want to talk beforehand.

    good luck!
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    Where should I upload my "essay identifying areas of interest" for the UVA application process?

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    Is it a hard process to get a job as a novice nurse at UVA after graduation? Do they favor MSN's over RN's?
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    It's hard to get a job anywhere these days as a new grad.
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    Really? IT seems like I see nurse job openings all the time in the papers etc...
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    Do they say they will except new grads?
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    Quote from gkvegan
    Do they say they will except new grads?
    Yes at one of them it specifically says hiring new grads clinician 1.

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