UVA - BSN (as a second degree?)

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    I know UVA has a Second Degree MSN/CNL program but has anyone gone to UVA to get a BSN with a prior BSN? I plan to contact the school as well but was wondering if anyone had any experience with applying to their BSN program while already holding a BS/BA.

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    The University of Virginia does not have an Accelerated BSN degree. Individuals with a BA/BS degree can only apply for the Master's Entry Program (CNL).
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    Thanks for the info. I didn't know if it was like UMD where they have a MSN-CNL program but they also allow second degree students into their BSN program.
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    We admit most of our BSN students directly from high school (entering class of 67 this year). We have a handful of spaces available each year for transfer students who have completed no more than 2 years of college study at UVa or elsewhere. We can accommodate only 88 students in the Third Year of our BSN program.

    UVa normally does not permit those with undergraduate degrees already to apply for a second undergraduate degree. The only exception is the RN-BSN program for those with an associate's degree in nursing already.

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