TNCC Fall 2013 hopefuls

  1. Is anyone applying to Thomas Nelson Community College for the fall 2013 semester? I am plan on submitting my application this week. Very Excited!!!
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  3. by   kailss
    I did! I took my TEAS V yesterday....sighhh I don't know if it's good enough to get in or not :P
  4. by   BandZero
    I took my TEAS V on Monday at TNCC. Maybe you were there! At any rate, stay positive and focused, and you'll make it in!
  5. by   kailss
    haha that's awesome! Well, hopefully we will both make it! How did you do on your test??
  6. by   HeatherMax
    Did you find out your grade right away?
  7. by   BandZero
    Yes, you get your grade as soon as you complete the TEAS. I think I did quite well, which is what iI have been told so far. Here's hoping that I get in!!!
  8. by   kailss
    I've heard schools look more at the Percentile Rank-Program score when deciding...I sure hope so since that one is higher than the adjusted individual score!! Honestly, it's just all the factors that got to play out in your favor, it's just the waiting game that kills me!! haha
  9. by   kailss
    Gahhh! The wait is killing me! Just 12 more days till May!
  10. by   BandZero
    I know, I'm going crazy here...checking the mail everyday!!!!!
  11. by   kailss
    Just got my letter in the mail today! I got in!!!! Ahhhh! I'm so excited I feel like a huge weight has been lifted of my shoulders!
  12. by   BandZero
    I haven't check mail yet.....ahhhhh! Congrats kaliss I hope to join you!
  13. by   BandZero
    I just checked mail and I got my letter too! I GOT IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHEW!
  14. by   kailss
    YAYYY!!! Congratulations! We did it!! I'm so excited!!!