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Hello :) THIS IS A BRAND NEW THREAD for TCC's up and coming classes in January and March, 2013. I am starting this thread to help me get through the waiting game. I just finished my HESI yesterday, and turned in my... Read More

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    Ski Utah..Thank you !! goodluck in jan

    chmicha88..aww i think you will be fine your grades are perfect ! and you only need 2 science courses and you have everything that theyre looking for i think child pys and social ethics arent important as others which you have. I think it depends on how much people applied and the points they give to each person..i can only imagine how you feel just take it easy and go into the school to find out what's going on goodluck with everything and i hope you get in !!!

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    I'm not able to reply to PM's for some reason, but I got your message. Sounds good to me, just let me know when you find something out!
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    My advice is to definitely relax, enjoy ya family and sleep because nursing school is full of reason and half the time you're gonna feel like you're teaching yourself... Enjoy the time you have before class starts.
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    I got my letter yesterday and I GOT IN!!!!!!!
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    I start in March.....cohort 4!!!!!!
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    So far everyone will be in the March class together, except me, but hey, that's just fine because we are IN!
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    Hi everyone! I made it in!!! I can't believe it! I'm so excited! Good luck to everyone!
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    Congratulations! Big sigh!

    What cohort are you in?
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    You guys should go like the Student Nurses Association for TCC https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tidewater-Community-College-Student-Nurses-Association/451485438220037

    I agree with Virgo, enjoy your free time!!!!
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    Ski Utah

    I am in the March cohort! I can't believe it! So excited!

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