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Hello :) THIS IS A BRAND NEW THREAD for TCC's up and coming classes in January and March, 2013. I am starting this thread to help me get through the waiting game. I just finished my HESI... Read More

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    My advice is to definitely relax, enjoy ya family and sleep because nursing school is full of reason and half the time you're gonna feel like you're teaching yourself... Enjoy the time you have before class starts.
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    I got my letter yesterday and I GOT IN!!!!!!!
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    I start in March.....cohort 4!!!!!!
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    So far everyone will be in the March class together, except me, but hey, that's just fine because we are IN!
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    Hi everyone! I made it in!!! I can't believe it! I'm so excited! Good luck to everyone!
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    Congratulations! Big sigh!

    What cohort are you in?
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    You guys should go like the Student Nurses Association for TCC https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tidewater-Community-College-Student-Nurses-Association/451485438220037

    I agree with Virgo, enjoy your free time!!!!
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    Ski Utah

    I am in the March cohort! I can't believe it! So excited!
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    hey girls thankx god i went to the school today i'm iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn . so happy and excited after a long wait for the mail to come in , thank you girls for the support and see you all at the orientation day .
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    I'm so happy for you!!! I knew you'd get in! Did they tell you what cohort you'll be in? I'm sure you're glad to have an answer! I can only imagine how stressful you must have been this weekend! Congrats again!
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    I saw your PM after I replied! I'd be happy to switch with you, the ONLY issue may be whether or not my mom can get here as soon as January. She'll be moving in with us ( she lives in MS now) to help out with my kids since my hubby is in the Navy and will be deploying sometime next year. I'm going to try to give her a call and see what I can find out and I'll text you when I know something. It SHOULDN'T be an issue, she's suppose to be here for Christmas and just stay with us from then on anyway. But I want to clear everything with her to be completely sure everything will work out.
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    Hey there everyone--particularly NURSES or already student nurses!

    I have some questions that they will probably answer on the 29th, but still, I'm just dying to know...

    What is the first class? Nursing 108? Is that the only class we take for the first 8 weeks?

    Do we need a stethoscope? what kind if so would you recommend?
    Do we need a watch? Can we use digital?
    Do we have to wear the white nursing shoes or can we wear something else?
    Does the nursing school sign us up for the courses or do we?
    Do we get to take Spring break? Any break at all over the summer?
    Does anyone want to sell me their nursing 108 book?
    Thanks for any information you pass along

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    Hey CHMICHA88---WOW! What a relief! Everyone on this board made it! Congratulations to you