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Hello :) THIS IS A BRAND NEW THREAD for TCC's up and coming classes in January and March, 2013. I am starting this thread to help me get through the waiting game. I just finished my HESI... Read More

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    I think they made a mistake with the website. www.nso.org doesn't work, but Professional Liability Insurance for nurses, nursing medical malpractice. does! Just fyi, the price I got as a quick quote and a RN student with no other license is only $37, which is cheaper than I expected. Just wanted to pass that along!
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    I'm still waiting on it, its making more nervous right now just out of curiosity for the girls so got accepted did you have all your prereq done by the time you applied, bcz I'm missing 3 classes and its freaking me out right now
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    hey girls! im new to this website and came across this post and i had to comment!!! Congratsss !!! i also got accepted and im in cohort 4! the wait was too long and im so happy its over!!! im so excited!! thank god!!! goodluck everyone =)
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    Just went back from the post office and the say my letter gonn take longer to coming bcz I just moved , goooooood I have worst luck
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    hey chmicha88! i had all my prereqs done except social ethics which was an 8 week class over in october so i guess that grade went through im not sure but what are you missing?
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    Congrats Tashiieboo! Looks like we'll be taking classes together!

    Chimicha88, I had taken all the classes except SDV101, and PHI 266, but I took both this semester and am now finished with them. The date on the letter I got was dated for the 6th. Did you update your application with the school and with the nursing program? We have to confirm our acceptance of our spot by the 16th, so if you think that your application might be delayed, then I would go to the school and talk to someone. It would be horrible if you lost your spot because of the mail! Good Luck!
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    Thank you so much I'll but its the weekend do you know girls if tcc open in sat
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    I have 4.00 on everything and 82 on the hesi and as I said I miss 3 classes so hopefully I get a chance, I'll be done with all my missing classes this semestr.
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    I doubt it. I think they are only open M-F. I'd just go in and speak to someone on Monday. Change your address with TCC if you haven't already, and tell the Nursing Department what has happened so that you don't lose out on anything. They may not tell you anything in person, but perhaps you can ask them to mail another letter to you with the correct address.
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    Thank you honey for the support I feel lost right now. This is worst the wat all 2months

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