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Hello :) THIS IS A BRAND NEW THREAD for TCC's up and coming classes in January and March, 2013. I am starting this thread to help me get through the waiting game. I just finished my HESI... Read More

  1. by   cp1024
    I also, am hoping to start in January. I told myself to try not to think too much about getting an answer until Thanksgiving. I'm way to impatient and hoping for it to come early, would just be setting myself up for failure.

    On a side note, I'm curious as to how many classes you guys had completed when you turned in your application. I all everything except Social Ethics and the Orientation class b/c this was my first semester here. I'm finished with them now (I took all my classes for this semester in the first 8wks so I wouldn't have to worry about school during holidays).

    I made A's in all the classes except my English classes (I some how managed to make a 89.4 and an 89.3...stupid 2 tenths of a point ) and made A's in all the classes for this term. And made a 92 on HESI. I was told by an adviser (NOT a nursing adviser, just regular school adviser) that when I started (August before my HESI) I had a really good shot of getting into the program biased on the student's she's talked to and seen accepted, but I'm paranoid... I was in a nursing program before (Not TCC)and failed a class (Long story... had the highest grade in my theory class and made the 3rd highest grade on the end of year HESI out the 110 people in fundamentals that semester. but I made the mistake of "reporting" an incident where some of my clinical classmates went drinking on lunch break to my theory teacher, I felt that the clinical teacher was ignoring a potentially unsafe situation and went above her... Just so happened that 90 was passing on care plans and I made 89 on 2 even though she admitted that I made progress on the second one, and then took a full point off for one of my goals even though it came straight from the care-plan book we were suppose to be using. She also insulted me constantly in front of patients, nurses on the floor and classmates. Then on 3rd attempt-last day of clinical- my 6mth old baby was admitted to the hospital on IV antibiotics and very sick. I called Wednesday when she was admitted -Thursday was clinical- and told her the situation and that I would be in to turn in my last care plan as soon as my husband could get my oldest child to school and take over at the hospital for me. I had NEVER missed clinical before and we were allowed 1 absence. I offered to bring in the admission paper work when I brought in the care-plan She basically said whatever, and to just turn it in on Monday to my theory teacher. I said Ok, went to school on Monday and was pulled aside by my theory teacher and told I was to go to the department head for a meeting at 4pm. At that meeting I was told I was marked as a clinical failure, but I was eligible to reapply....I didn't. Who wants to go to a school like that?) Just a word to the wise, if you report something, do it anonymously, and if you feel you're being screwed over, you probably are and do something about it before it's too late! I was told I'm still eligible because it was only 1 class. I just hope it doesn't drop my chances too much. I worked too hard to become a nurse to have one CI ruin my life...

  2. by   cdstcc
    Hi and welcome! When I applied I had taken everything except PSY 201, PSY 235 and the philosophy class. I submitted my application w/ A's in BIO 141, BIO 142, BIO 150, and SDV 101 and B's in ENG 111 and ENG 112. I also submitted my application w/ a Hesi score of 92. For the Fall '12 semester I am taking PSY 201 and 235 and will be getting A's in those classes. I hope to still make it in the program without having submitted grades for the psych classes since they aren't completed yet! The waiting is DRIVING me INSANE!!!!! It's too bad you had such a bad experience the first time around! I hope it's better this time.....I hear the TCC program is pretty good.
  3. by   Ski Utah
    Hi CP1024--

    I have A's in all of my classes for nursing and most of my classes for engineering (degree before this). That SUCKS about you getting the big screw from the CI. I am hoping for 1st, to get in, and then, 2nd to have a good group of teachers and students. It makes such a difference when you have both. I check my mailbox everyday with one thing on my mind. I am glad to know that everyone else is still waiting. IT'S HARD!

    I pray that we ALL GET IN and become GREAT FRIENDS and COWORKERS!!
  4. by   cp1024
    Getting screwed by a CI happens more than you know, because they have too much power. In a theory class, you can argue a grade more, because there are tests, you can have as "proof", but in a clinical most grades are based on observation as to whether or not a CI "FEELS" you have successfully demonstrated/completed a skill. It automatically sets you up to be potentially screwed over.

    I would love to make some friends and I too hope we all get in. I'm curious as to how many people applied this term. I did call the office to see if I could get the day they anticipated sending out letters, but I got the answering machine and I didn't want to leave a message.

    I'm probably going to go ahead and get my CPR done so that it's one less thing to do. My husband works with a girl who is certified to train people, so I'll be lucky to get it for free. I got my last CPR in another state and got it free from a fire station, it's possible they have the same type of program here too.

    Also, if any of you plan to buy all or part of your book lists yourself (with out FA) then do yourselves a favor and sign up for a free Amazon Student account. You get free 2 day shipping on books and other things too. I did some looking and you can get all the required nursing textbooks brand new (they do have used and rentals also) for about $850 as opposed to $1000+ from the book store. Just look up the book lists on the and get the ISBN numbers and paste them into the search bar. You cant get everything from Amazon, but you can get a lot of it.
  5. by   cdstcc
    Just checking in! My anxiety is high.....i just want an answer!!!!!
  6. by   Ski Utah
    I am RIGHT THERE with you!
  7. by   cdstcc
    Ok guys.....it's November 1st!!!!!! EXACTLY 2 weeks from today we should have an answer :-) #longest2weeksofmylife
  8. by   cp1024
    Lets hope it's only 2 weeks. Has anyone been able to find out when they plan to actually send out letters? I really don't like waiting...
  9. by   nursenthemakin
    Well they have to let us know by the 15th of November so we should be hearing something soon (Hopefully sooner than later). I am patiently waiting Hopefully i will be able to start in January. Good luck to all of you ....
  10. by   dnadeau
    I am also patiently waiting to finally hear if I got into the program or not. I have As in BIO 141, 150, Eng 111, and a B in Eng 112. I'm taking BIO 142 right now along with PSY 201 and SDV. My hesi was an 82 (I totally do not recommend taking it at the Norfolk campus- it was awful). So I'm being realsitic that I don't have everything yet, but hopefully my sciences and Hesi gets me in. Also my GPA is a 2.9 (from a flunked class 10 years ago, didn't realize it would screw me later).

    Good luck to everyone!
  11. by   cp1024
    They only look at the pre-req GPA, so don't worry about that too much! I think it really just depends on how many people applied and what their scores and grades were as to who gets in and who doesn't. I just wish they would post some type of update on where they are with the selection process so we could have some idea when we should expect letters....
  12. by   Ski Utah
    One week. If you thought the last 7 were long, I bet this will be longer! Especially if it doesn't show up on the 15th!! Maybe they will be early, (one can hope).
  13. by   cdstcc
    Gahhhhh.....7 more days!!!! It's driving me crazy!