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Hello :) THIS IS A BRAND NEW THREAD for TCC's up and coming classes in January and March, 2013. I am starting this thread to help me get through the waiting game. I just finished my HESI yesterday, and turned in my... Read More

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    Just got in from Nursing Orientation ... Saw a lot of familiar faces today. Thank you Ski Utah...Your kind words really made me feel good :-) Im very happy for you all but was a little sad/ashamed that i was an alternate. I feel a little better after today but what is for me is for me...Hopefully ill see you all in spring. Im still praying.. Good luck to you all. Time to start the waiting game....AGAIN !!! But im still smiling all the while
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    Nursenthemakin, no reason to be ashamed!!! Think of all those who didn't even get that far. Wishing you lots of luck!!

    On a side note, I found someone to switch with me! Excited for January!!! But, I wasn't paying attention to what I was suppose to do with the over ride sheet because at the time I was still cohort4 when she was covering it. Does anyone know what I'm suppose to do?
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    Were you on the front right corner, and switched right after the meeting? I was standing there and told the girl who wanted to switch that I knew of someone who wanted to switch, but then someone (you?) jumped in on the opportunity. It's funny if it was you, both of us were trying to get a switch for YOU.

    Nurseinthemakin, do not be ashamed! You are an alternate, and I'm sure they will call you. The girl who sat across from me has been an alternate twice now and she is still hoping
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    Yep, it was me!! I was just shocked that I was able to be in the right place at the right time! So we'll be in class together! Thanks so much for trying to help, that's super sweet!
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    Just curious if any of you have done your CPR yet? I had something lined up to get mine at my hubby's work, but that fell through. So now I've got to figure something else out... I'll be completely done with everything once I do the CPR.
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    I took my CPR at TCC but i think the last class started already . Theres a class in Virginia Beach on diamond springs road. I handed in all my paper work at orientation.
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    @ CP1024, Due to financial aid deadlines you will need to register for both 8 week courses Nur 108 and Nur 130 but because one is a pre req you cant do on line so you have to fill out the enrollment worksheet and take it to enrollment services so they can override it. Hope that helps
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    Thanks! I remembered everything except what I was suppose to do with it. I wasn't sure if I was suppose to just take it in after they process the program change or if they wanted us to wait for them to tell us it was OK to take it. I appreciate the help! I'm searching for a CPR program now, and hoping I can find something... Do you know if its just required before clinicals or what?
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    I believe you have to do it after they process program change ...CPR has to be completed before the start of the program to my understanding. The paper says 6 weeks prior to the program start but dont think they can hold you to that since theres only about 6 weeks left so just get it asap :-)
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    You aren't allowed to post phone numbers, email, ext. on the forum. You have to do that through PM. Be cautious buying used books because they might be the wrong edition for our class which could cause some big problems when asked to refer to a specific page(s) in the text.

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