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Just wondering if anybody is considering TCC... they had two application periods for the fall semester.. december 1st (2011) deadline and march 15 deadline (2012).. im applying in the march group but... Read More

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    Hello - I got selected for co-hort 1 (August - 2012) and all my medical and other documents completed and submitted to TCC. But I'm in special situation that I might have to miss my first couple of weeks classes if I start on August (cohort 1). So I'm looking for someone who is willing to move to cohort 1 from cohort 2 (starts in October), so I can start on cohort 2. TCC nursing said that it is possible to switch cohorts with students agreement.

    I really hope to find someone who can help.

    Thank you!

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    @ivikatasha...thats great. glad to hear it !!
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    One week til orientation (:
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    Does anyone know if we are to register for classes now or wait until after orientation?

    #getting REALLY excited
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    Im not sure eugenia.. I thought registration didn't start til the 8th or 9th though. Im just gonna wait til orientation though. In my acceptance letter it stated my first class began on august 23rd at 8am so maybe they already have us registered I don't know. You're starting in october right? There's a girl on here wanting to switch cohorts with somebody.
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    Yes, I am in cohort 2. I'm going to give them a call in the morning to find out about registration and I will post her answer. I saw the request from tcc2011. Unfortunately, I can't do it; summer plans with the family before the craziness begins. I do wish her luck in trying to find someone.
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    I went to the nursing office today and ms trotter gave me a form to go ahead and register for classes. I wanted to make sure I got the 830am class because I have work in the aftternoons. Once u fill out the form u just take it to admissions and they approve it. I'm excited to start! I got to go get something professional to wear lol
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    Thanks for sharing. I would do the same but I have no more classes on campus this week and I live in Yorktown so ill just wait until Monday... any August starters yet?
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    I'm hoping to find someone to switch with. I am too excited about orientation but also nervous thinking what if I didn't find anyone to switch with me.
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    I'm excited about orientation on Monday! I hate the waiting game and wish I could switch with you to start earlier, but my job doesn't end till September. I hope things work out for you though!
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