Tidewater Community College 2012 Hopefuls? - page 3

Just wondering if anybody is considering TCC... they had two application periods for the fall semester.. december 1st (2011) deadline and march 15 deadline (2012).. im applying in the march group but... Read More

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    Congrats yay. Im so happy for u!! Im goin to check my mail at 1.. the mailman usually comes between 12 and 1. Uh oh. Im nervous. When do u start?
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    I have been reading your posts but had to register for site. I start in October. I got a 90.26 on hesi. I had a C in micro, B in Eng 111 but A's in everything else required for program. I also have a associate in Science from TCC. I have a a few nasty grades in classes that had nothing to do w/ nursing required classes. It may have helped having Chem 111/112 and Bio 101/102.
    Good luck chicas!!
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    I got in too.. by the grace of God, im in.. start in august.. crazy cuz I put october on the app. Wow. Goodluck everyone.
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    Girl you got in because you worked your bute off!! YAY!!!
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    I just got my letter too!!! I start in october. I'm excited but nervous. Mainly because I know it will be hard to work the clinicals and school around my job. But I'm glad to be starting this year! Congrats to all who made it...we really worked our butts off
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    Congrats to you. Is your orientation on july 9th as well? Yeah hard work def pays off. Now we gotta keep up with it through nursing school. Im so excited. Im glad I don't have to work through nursing school. Ill ne able to give it 100% but ill have a six month old at home so im kinda nervous too..
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    Yeah mine is july 9th as well. I hear the program is strict. Have you heard anything about it?
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    @virgolove. Were you in ms kuethe's micro class last fall? @ the chesapeake campus?
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    Congrats to you both ...I am so happy for you ladies... I cant wait to apply. Im worried because i havent completed micro yet...Im taking it in the fall but still want to appy by sept deadline. Ill be done before January cohort starts but i may be at a disadvanatge against those who have completed it ...Your thought ? Thanks and congrats again
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    I would wait to apply after you finish micro. The lady @ the information session told me to do that so it would be on my transcript when I turned everything in..but she also said that you only have to have 2 bios done
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    Just came back to town and got the letter...I got in for ohort 2...I will go to the orientation as stated on July 9.....i will quit right before classes start, because i dont know if i can handle both at same time....congratulations to all.
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    Thanks for the info...I dont want to wait but i dont want to get turned down either. I was also told you only need 2 bios but i wanted to know for sure. Id have to wait until January to apply but that might be best. Has anyone been accepted w/o micro ?
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    @Marlene.. congrats. Im so happy for everyone. I wish somebody was starting in august with me blah..
    @nursenthemakin.. I applied with only two sciences.. bio 141 nd 150.. actually took them both in the same semester just to apply for the march deadline.. you will be competing with ppl who have all three science classes done but you have a strong gpa, nd if u don't get accepted, u could always reapply.. it doesn't hurt to try.

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