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Just wondering if anybody is considering TCC... they had two application periods for the fall semester.. december 1st (2011) deadline and march 15 deadline (2012).. im applying in the march group but I know I can't be the only... Read More

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    Hi everybody, I applied for the LPN advance placement program for the March 15th deadline. I am so anxious for the letter to come, guess it should be mailed sometime in mid May. While I know it is hard to get in, and my expectations are somewhat low considering the numbers of applicants to acceptances ratio. I have all classes completed except strictly nursing and kind of wish I had a better back up plan due to the fact that I will be out of classes to take starting in the fall. Does anybody know if they give an explaination with a non-acceptance letter? How many LPN to RN students do they take in, and are they in the same total numbers of 140 a year? Ahhhhh craziness......hate the waiting game. I was also told gpa is important but overall classes taken are a big concideration as well, with a concentration of the specific bio's and eng classes. Good luck everybody
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    Havent been up here in a while either . Any updates on those who have started the program ? The semester just ended i got a B in Anatomy II :-( but im still submitting my app this summer. If theres any updates or new news please let me know...
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    Anybody know when decision letters are supposed to be sent out?
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    I also applied deadline march15, and waiting for the letter. They said we should be receiving in the next few weeks, so I guess that by the end of May, we should know something.
    my grades are:
    BIO 141 B
    BIO 142 A
    BIO 150 A(just finished it this spring 12)
    ENG 111 A
    ENG 112 B( just finished)
    PSY 201 A
    PSY 230 A
    SOC A
    SDV A
    Hopefully I get in.Otherwise, I will reapply for the next cohort. I also applied to NSU, but they will mail letter in June.

    Good Luck to everybody.
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    Marlene what did you score on the hesi? Goodluck to you as well. Make sure u check back in when your acceptance letter comes..
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    Hello virgolove,
    I didnt take the hesi because Ms Johnna(the one who gives the information session) told us that if we took mth 1: math for nursing, we were exempted to the hesi but only if we apply until march 15 deadline, if for a reason I dont get in, then I have to take the hesi for next time we applied.
    Well lets keep our fingers crossed, I know it's very competitive and well now I was able to apply after almost 2 years of taking these pre reqs.... a friend of mine got a denial letter even though her gpa was 4.0, but she didnt complete all pre requisites and co-requisites.we will see what happens...if i dont get in, i will just keep my job until next year and take college chemistry so I can apply for Sentara and ODU.

    best wishes for all of us....
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    Wow.. now I'm wishing I had took Math 1 lol. But I was hoping they would round my 3.56 up to a 3.6 so I could be in the ballpark. Haha. Your friend's application was probably missing something. A girl in my micro class had a 3.6 and was accepted for this past spring. I emailed ******* *******, the one who used to do the information sessions and she said she "anticipates" applicants will get their letters next week. I didnt want a prediction, I wanted something definite. Who knows. I'm just anxious to see if I made the cut or not. If not, I'll be applying again for spring and to a couple other schools.
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    what classes have you done? have you taken psy, sociology...Ms ******** told us that it's better when we have all the classes done because they gave us point for each class completed, because they wouls show how ready we are to focus only in nursing classes........I just finished 3 classes last week: micro, soc and eng 112, so they wont count toward the points, thats why i am not sure if i will make it, but lets have our hopes up...have you apply for NSU?
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    I've done english 111, 112, bio 141, 150 psych 235, soc 201 and a lot other classes for a business degree. I just completed Phil 220 this past semester and I will be taking bio 142 this summer. I only applied for tcc because I wasn't sure of anybody else's process, plus I was pregnant so I wasnt trying to stress about too many schools deadlines and procedures. Im going to look into nsu program, hampton universitys accelerated program and riverside here in newport news. When are u applying for nsu? Is there any other useful information she told you guys at the information session? When I went, ****** ******* was doing them and she didn't seem to know much that's why im not even sure she knows when the decision letters are going out. I should've emailed your lady.
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    I applied for nsu few months ago and i just recently took the nlc test for them, but i wont know until sometime in june...Johnna told me the same thing we should know sometime next week by may 15...I am going out of town to visit my mom this sunday so when i come back i probably know something...

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