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Just wondering if anybody is considering TCC... they had two application periods for the fall semester.. december 1st (2011) deadline and march 15 deadline (2012).. im applying in the march group but... Read More

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    Yeh I hope it does go by that quick. How is pharmacology?
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    I haven't taken a class in awhile since the last A and P. Read read...
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    We're doing the physical assessment part first. And that chapter is 100 pages fun times ha.
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    Thanks for your encouraging updates, they are much appreciated. How did you prepare for the 1st test in 108? Not looking for shortcuts, just a sense of direction. Thanks.
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    100 pages?? Ugh! We got our test next Monday. I've just been reading as much as I can until I think I got it down, but I still get the questions wrong at the end of the chapter. Hopefully this week I can catch up
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    I joined a study group of 4 early on. We meet twice a week. Fridays and Sundays. I think the study group is what helped me prepare. We come having read most or all of the readings for that test and we go through each chapter picking what's important and explain things in different ways.

    The way I studied is after the study group, I would only read what I highlighted as important from each section and if I didn't understand a certain part or didnt think I could remember, I would write it down to review later, but I didn't write down what I already knew or what could be considered common sense. If u form a small study group, that's going to really be helpful as long as you all are on the same page. We still have our study group in this class. Read for understanding and not memorization.

    Some test tips... Don't over think or read too deep into the questions. Don't put extra info into the question that's not there. Highlight important key words and pay attention to the questions that say select all that apply. When answering those questions, cover up all but the first answer choice and mark whether the statement is true or false in relation to the question, then move to the next one covering up those answers and so one. U really see the answers individually rather than 4 or 5 possible answers.
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    That's my problem..I'm focusing too hard on memorizing rather than actually getting it. I'm going to try and set up something this weekend for studying for the test Monday. Thanks for the test tips!
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    well im still waiting for my acceptance letter. Its November 1st and they have to let you know something by the 15th so the countdown begins. I sure hope they dont wait until the 15th ...Its killing me
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    So nur 108 is almost over and I am glad because I need a break. It wasn't as hard as I thought it was gonna be...its just so time consuming. I am going to miss my instructors. How was pharmacology? Was it harder than fundamentals?
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    Quote from tcchopeful
    So nur 108 is almost over and I am glad because I need a break. It wasn't as hard as I thought it was gonna be...its just so time consuming. I am going to miss my instructors. How was pharmacology? Was it harder than fundamentals?
    Yeah 108 was definitely time consuming and you'll def love 130's schedule, out on Mondays and Fridays . I'm glad you're doing well. Ms. K definitely will always be one of my most favorite teachers. She's truly amazing and i had her for clinicals. Pharm is going well. I aced my first two tests but haven't had time to read for the next one and the final and 3rd test are a week apart. Fun stuff. But I will say, don't be intimidated by the pharm instructor if you have her in clinical. It may seem like she's tryin to break you but she just knows what it takes to be a competent nurse and so at times it will seem like she's being really hard but she's actually very nice.
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    That's funny because I was intimidated by ms g and now she's my fav. Clinicals intimidate me but I'm getting better with the flow of things. So far we've only lost one person and I hope it stays that way. I got lucky with my class. No drama! Do clinicals start the first week in pharm?
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    Definitely not the first week. Our class had a Tuesday clinical group and Thursday clinical group. Our clinical started the 29th and the Tuesday group started the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. 3 twelve hour clinicals for this class.
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    12 hr clinicals stink. but at least there's no class on mon and fri.