Tidewater Community College 2012 Hopefuls? - page 15

Just wondering if anybody is considering TCC... they had two application periods for the fall semester.. december 1st (2011) deadline and march 15 deadline (2012).. im applying in the march group but... Read More

  1. by   chmicha88
    Do you know if the are esy with switching cohart, like if I ge accepted in Jan and wanna switch to march would they allowed ot or not
  2. by   virgolove34
    Usually it's allowed if you find someone to switch with
  3. by   virgolove34
    Usually you can if u find someone to switch with
  4. by   nursenthemakin
    Still waiting for my letter. 1 month left to wait....Still hopeful !!
  5. by   virgolove34
    Keep us updated. Good luck.
  6. by   tcchopeful
    @virgo. Hey have the classes usually been running til 1430 everyday?
  7. by   eugeniambell
    Ohhmmmgeeee!!!! I am so excited for tomorrow!!! Let's go get it Cohort 2!!
  8. by   virgolove34
    Yes. We probably only left early like 3 times total. After tests, you even come back to the class to learn. Fun times [sarcasm]
  9. by   virgolove34
    Hope your first day is as good as ya'll want it to be...!! Enjoy.
  10. by   tcchopeful
    Thanks. I know you're happy to have that first class out of the way
  11. by   virgolove34
    So how was y'all first day?
  12. by   tcchopeful
    It was long! Its so hard to sit there for 6 hours. I'm not sure whether to focus on the notes or the assigned readings. I did part of the reading today but its hard to retain. But I think it will be fun once we start doing hands-on stuff. And our class is a lot bigger than I thought it would be.
  13. by   virgolove34
    Tcchopeful by the time you get used to the 6 hour days, you'll be finishing the class lol. Sometimes the material presented is so boring its hard to keep yourself awake. Our class had 32 but y'all have 2 of our people and a third one will be joining y'all in January. I always read because I don't like how their notes are structured. It's different for different people. A lot in our cohort came out with B's.