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Just wondering if anybody is considering TCC... they had two application periods for the fall semester.. december 1st (2011) deadline and march 15 deadline (2012).. im applying in the march group but I know I can't be the only... Read More

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    I think she's wanting to apply in September. The HESI was okay. I bought that study guide that goes with the test. I forget the name but Barnes an Noble sells it. He math was basic and simple. The reading was fairly simple too. The vocab I don't think you can really prepare for. They throw all kinds of words at you but a few were words from the study guide. I pretty much guessed through the science portions and still did well on those sections. Just make educated guesses. You can start with any section you like and go in any order. Good luck.
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    Thank you girls, yes I'm trying to apply I have 4.00 GPA and all I'm missing is Bio 142 and child psy, so hopefully if I get good score I'll be accepted, by the way do you know your percentage right the way or you know the points.
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    thankx , i'm just really freaking out , studying day and night for that test , kinda scary dont know what to expect
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    I got an 84 and class average was 82. There was someone on this thread who scored in the 90s. Don't stress the test though, your grades count more. There's also a thread on All Nurses for the entrance HESI. If you go to students, then nursinh student..you'll see the thread for the entrance HESI.
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    i really appreciate it virgolove , that make me feel better , because i really want to get in this deadline , i'm trying to dont stress but still very hard to dont lol i wish i could ,i schedule my test for the 21 , so i can still review more , and i already bought the hesi a2 secrets from barnes and nobles, and reviewing everything , so hopefully i'll do good . i saw that u said you guessed through the since was it difficult or you were not very prepared for it?
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    As far as the biology and chemistry parts, it was high school level and I couldn't remember the content. The A and P was a lot of stuff I hadn't learned yet. I just took the second part of A and P this past summer. You will do fine. Since the test is so new, they said they don't focus too much on that. The science grades and corequisites is what they focus on. And with a 4.0 you are ahead of the game. Be confident. Did you already attend an information session? Its mandatory.
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    yes i did attend it last semester , and i spoke with the advisor of the program she told me everything look good except the fact that i'm still missing two classes and the hesi vs other people who might have everything done , thats why she told me if you score high on the hesi you have a pretty good chance to get in.
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    Hello guys just was reading up on your post.. and i see both you women are highly motivated.. im currently enrolled in the pre nursing.. im doing the pres now.. im active duty navy.. and i was just wondering if you could give me some advice.. i just started im taking bio 101... right now.. as i was told thatsa preqs i have to get done... any advice would be useful. hope to hear from you guys.
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    Silvanto.. bio 101 is not a prerequisite for TCC. I believe it is for TCC in hampton. Counselors suggest bio 101 for people who aren't confident in science, but I didn't take it because it was a waste of time and money. You couldve went straight into A and P or micro. Did you pick up a nursing booklet from the counselor office? As far as advice, try to get A's in all of your sciences, english, and corequisites. While you are doing the prereqs make sure you take the other classes in the curriculum as well.. the psychologies and ethics. Just ace everything or try to get B's, no C's. You can also look up the nursing curriculum on the TCC site. They want you to have everything completed except nursing classes by the time you apply to be one of the best applicants, however, minimally, all you need is the two englishes, two of the three sciences, high school chemistry (think there's a 5 year limit? Im not sure) and sdv 101.

    This link shows all the classes required for the associates degree period

    If you have any questions let me know and ill try to answer as best I know. Also you ratemyprofessors.com to look at student comments of particular teachers.
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    Girl, you'll do fine! HI Virgolove34! I didn't do well on the math part because I didn't know there was a calculator on the screen. The lab tech didn't know much about the test because it was so new to everyone. Your knowledge in the sciences will kick in on the test..good luck.
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