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Just wondering if anybody is considering TCC... they had two application periods for the fall semester.. december 1st (2011) deadline and march 15 deadline (2012).. im applying in the march group but... Read More

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    If anyone has any questions contact me here: rnland44@hotmail.com
    I will get back to you by phone, if you send me a number. Thanks
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    I will be at meeting this Saturday, Aug 11.
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    well virgo i attend the TCC in norfolk im only taking one class.. and when i start to register online.. it told me.. that i hae to take bio1 or bio 101.. before i take.. AP like.. really that guidance counsloer didnt tell me that.. well i been out of the loop anyways.. so i might as well start some where i guess.. i have another year.. in the military.. im not using my money so.. atleast i can just get a head start on things.. since ill just be doing bio 101 ( the navy has already paid for it so i cant change if even if i wanted to ) im new to the school new to everyhing but.. virgo do you have a personal email like gmail where i can contact you about the program and evrthing?
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    i just logged on the website and typed in bio 141 it said this
    BIO 141 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I Prerequisite: BIO 1 or BIO 100 or BIO 101

    so i got the navy to pay for bio 100 you know? i am attending the norfolk tcc tho.. i dont know how diffrent thing are here..
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    i ment 101
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    Has anyone got their uniforms yet? I ordered mine in july and they are still on backorder.
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    thanks , so your telling me i can use a calculator , from the screen . i'm great with math problems i just dont like calculus .
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    silvanto listen i can give you my email chmicha88@gmail.com , plus i took all my classes at tcc norfolk so i can help you with which teachers to take and so on , i can help you with other stuff around cammpus if you want too , just shoot me an email i'll be more then happy to share with you what i know.
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    Silvanto.. Email me at ozella.ross@gmail.com it comes straight to my phone so I email back quick like its a text. That prerequisite for a and p is either new or not enforced but it won't hurt to take that class anyway. The Portsmouth campus has always been my home campus but chmicha can definitely give you a feel for the Portsmouth campus. If you are wanting to do SDV online, I can give you a teacher recommendation.

    ***I ordered my uniform from the dove apparel site because it saved me money and I received it last month but I haven't went to order a lab skills pack, wondering if we will need that by the first class.

    ***Atbat I'll be there Saturday too.
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    I have not.
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    What time is the meeting Saturday and where? I haven't been getting any of the emails I guess...
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    It wasn't an email.. it was that camp nightdale thing the nursing association was talking about at orientation where we talk to current students and get to know people in our cohort. Its from 9-2... in the same place as orientation.
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    For those of you who went to the Camp Nightingale did you find it useful?? I actually enjoyed talking to everyone. Cohort 2 seems like we are going to mesh together well. Someone was gonna do a facebook page but I haven't heard anything yet. Can't wait to start putting names and faces together.