that Pearson Vue trick... - page 2 it 100% accurate? I'm dying here! Took the NCLEX today (all 265 questions, FYI!) and didn't know about the trick until a friend told me, but I'm pretty skeptical about it...SO nervous... Read More

  1. by   piccolanurse
    The PVT works!! I took my PN nclex yesterday, got 85 questions and 20 satas. I did the trick in the parking lot of the testing center and I got the good pop up. I was so excited and relieved. Then the next day I check the Heath dept. website and showed that I passed and a few hours later.... There is was my license!! I thank God for keeping me calm during the test! All I did to get ready was a lot of questions and rationales (right or wrong answers). No content, cause it was overwhelming for me, I thought the questions helped me better. I had no math on the test and only like 4 drugs that I have seen before. I had 2 exhibits and 2 arrange in the correct order, also an EKG strip. I was surprised I did not get many disease precaution questions, 4 of my classmates that tested recently got a bunch of those. I did get many priority questions and teaching. Maybe like 2 delegation questions. It really feels good to be done with the test, the anxiety was taking over me, but faith and prayer helps!! That's my best advice! Pray, breath and read carefully the questions, all answers are right in many of them, but you have to pick the best one, which is the challenging part. Best of luck to all of you!!:-)
  2. by   tibis07
    The first time I took NCLEX I got 265 questions and did not get a pop up. I did not pass. Second time I took it I got the pop up and I did get the result the next day on the Florida DOH website. I passed The trick works. I worked for everybody in my class. I just took it two weeks ago in Orlando FL.