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Hello, I am planning on taking the TEAS in march during spring break...And I am kind of lost. I don't know which manual I should buy. I heard that it is not as hard as it was since they took off... Read More

  1. by   sassyeve
    I can understand your faustration Jess,! I have Nas 162 to deal with myself and its driving me nuts! All i can do now is to study and pray. To me, the test was pretty easy but it envolves a lot of critical thinking and the fact that you can't use a calculator makes it more difficult.
  2. by   Flames9_RN
    Back in 2005 I failed the science portion on the teas--dont think they have science on it now---And I had to do the whole TEAS test over. At 1 time if I failed just 1 section, you just had to do that section over. On my rewrite, lets just say majority of the questions looked very familiar!! Not sure if thats the case everytime!!

    If one does the ONLINE nursing course, they got to do most of the exams at home (dont get me started on how unfair that is) and you do it on the computer and it shows 1 question at a time

    Same thing with NCLEX, done on the computer, 1 question at a time, and one cant go backwards.

    I bought a book to study for the TEAS, I'm sure you can find it online or at the MEC bookstore. As I recall i didnt find it that useful,but I have read others did find it helpful!

    "Critical Thinking" you will hear that term a zillion times throughout ur nursing career,lol
  3. by   TLeech
    For the students who have taken the exam this year--is there really no science portion any more?
  4. by   natnoles
    Nope, there is no science on the NVCC TEAS exam. I read over the study guide a cople of times and scored very well on all of the sections taken. I did take the TEAS for another school for their BSN program which did include the science portion. The science section was pretty hard and the study guide did not help prepare for that section.