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Has anyone taken the TCC A & P bio 141 online? The Norfolk campus doesn't seem to have a good class choice for me. The online professor is highly recommended. thanks... Read More

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    I've taken both classes in person, and fully recommend it. Everyone I've talked to who has taken the online has either A) hated it or B) could not keep up when they did the next anatomy class... but this could just be the people i know!

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    I got the Professor I wanted !! I am so glad. I have him for online and lab in Chesapeake. Anyone know what unit they start 142 on? I wanted to jump ahead and do some reading and studying. At the VB campus 142 starts with "Special Senses"..... Or maybe just the last topic in lab in Chesapeake 141. Thanks for all the info and input about 142. I appreciate it.

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    If this is the professor you have then this is what you need. Good luck!

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