TCC A & P question

  1. Has anyone taken the TCC A & P bio 141 online?
    The Norfolk campus doesn't seem to have a good class choice for me. The online professor is highly recommended.
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  3. by   SBSN
    I took lecture online and did not have a problem. You just had to go on campus to take tests.
  4. by   Meriwhen
    I did it online through the Chesapeake campus and it was fantastic.
  5. by   turtlesrus
    thanks, its good to see that it is possible to take it online successfully.
  6. by   Bob_N_VA
    I took Micro online last year. It's doable, but tough. You have to motivate yourself to do all the reading. Still have to schedule a lab session too and go in for tests.
  7. by   Rangerjoe
    Two words for A&P, Dr. ******** (Chesapeake Campus). I took him online for both 141 and 142 and did very well. He's a great teacher who love's his work. His lecture tests are off of his online notes only. Very well organized for an online class. They are still challenging classes that requires a lot of study, but if you put forth the effort you should do awesome in his classes.
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  8. by   turtlesrus
    For those who have taken online Lecture, how did you do lab? Just pick anyone or the same professor?
  9. by   Rangerjoe
    When you sign up (online) for the online lecture it will give you available options for lab. You don't have to take the same professor. I'm usually only able to go to school one day a week since I work full-time and last summer when I took AP 2 I wasn't able to get Dr. ******** for lab. I end up having lab with Dr. ****** who was absolutely horrible. If you can get ******** for lab do it.
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  11. by   Rangerjoe
    Sorry about posting names. New to the site, but definitely should have known better. Won't happen again.
    I got your message turtle but I can't send emails yet. There is only one online bio 141 class for chesapeake that I saw. He's the one you want.
  12. by   turtlesrus
    Okay, so I see the online professor. I was trying not to do the online lecture. I signed up for Wednesday lecture on the TCC Chesapeake campus and Thursday Lab with a different professor. Wish I could see if you know either of them. I am going to send you a PM and email again. and see what you think. They were both recommended. Seems everyone has their opinions of who is good.
    With an online lecture, how did you think it was as far as understanding everything. I have taken other online classes and had not problem. I just get frustrated with the group projects and other people that dont contribute. I may switch and try it the online class. It would save me a night of driving out to campus.
    Thanks again
  13. by   Rangerjoe
    I've heard good things about the first person you mentioned. If i'm not mistaken she is the one who actually makes the mid-term and the final lab exams. I've also heard that's she's tough but fair. I don't have any information on the second one you mentioned in email.

    I was also worried about taking A&P online. In fact the only reason I did was because I took them both 12 years ago for my paramedic. I figured taking them for the second time online wouldn't be too bad. I guess the online class depends on how self-motivated you are, since no one is going over the material with you. For that particular class the tests are only off of the webnotes. The quizes can be taken as many times as you want, just have to be completed by due dates. There is also a flash card resource (that was with that particular online class) that was great. Whatever subject you were studying had corresponding flash cards. I studied by taking the quiz cold, reading the chapter(s), retaking the quiz and constantly repeating the flash cards. I wish more of my online classes were like that one. I wanted to take micro online, especially after having such good experiences with A&P. But I chickened out and am taking it face to face. Good luck and let me know if you need anymore info.
  14. by   Kelly*
    I was thinking of trying 142 online this semester. I started it at the VB campus last spring and had to drop midway due to a death in the family. I was wondering about lab. If I take the recommended online course do I have to take a lab on that campus or should I look into Norfolk? Thanks for any input!