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Hi Everyone! I really wanted to begin a thread about NVCC's Nursing Program due to begin in Fall 2013 (Applications are due May 2013). I am starting my pre-reqs in January, because I have been in school elsewhere. I know it... Read More

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    NOVA EMT, the hybrid students will not be in the BB until the end of this semester because they start in spring. About the reading, everyone has his or her own way of study. Some of my friends do not read the text for the first year. I always try to read as much as I could from the text, but you just cannot remember them all. However, second year is a lot of pathology and you do need to read the text. The reading is not as much though.
    For me NUR 111 was the hardest. The nursing tests are not like my engineering ones at all. I have always been able to go through school with minimum study, not for nursing. Once you pass 111, you will get the hang of it and everything will be much easier.
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    I focused on the powerpoints, but also read as much as I could. My estimate is that the reading helped me with maybe 5-10% of the test points. 17 credits is a lot for a semester. My typical was maybe 11 or 12, but I did have the benefit of transfer credits from my bachelors and only had to take the nursing classes. Even so, I put in long hours studying and doing homework. Good luck to all. I am sure you will find it worthwhile when you graduate. I love my job at Inova, feel NOVA did a good job of preparing me, even though when I started at InovaI felt like I knew almost nothing. My preceptor said everyone feels that way, though. And I assure you, Inova finds NOVA nursing grads very attractive. And I don't mean cute.
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    To Summer03,

    I would like your opinion regarding whether to take the on-line courses. I am spending alot of time sitting in class for courses which I could be taking on-line instead. Every three hours sitting in class represents an investment of five hours of time because of the time used commuting to and from class. Do you recommend taking the HLT-250 Pharmacology course on-line, as well as the NUR-254 and NUR-255 on-line courses? Are they more or less difficult and/or confusing than the in-residence courses? Thanks.
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    NOVA EMT- Not adding anything important here, but just wanted to say...if you can take pharmacology with [moderator edit of name], DO IT. Love him!! Such a fun teacher, and very intelligent. Plus he almost always lets out at least an hour early (but our class was 3 hours, so I don't know if they're the same way currently).
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    Just a reminder: per the website Terms of Service (TOS), by which we all agree to abide upon registering with this site, posting staff or faculty names in the forums is prohibited. I have edited several posts in this thread. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.
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    NOVA EMT, I have taken both in-person and online courses. I agree it is more convenient not to go to class and you can get the "lecture" material online. I think there is no significant difference in material, but I do think that the mechanics of online can sometimes be frustrating; there were sometimes glitches in what was posted. I hesitate to say this, but I think the younger you are, the more likely you are to find online second nature. One thought, pharmacology online; the nursing courses in-person? I am sure you will do well whatever you decide.
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    Spoland, so you ended up at NVCC? I noticed Tidewater in your profile. I think ultimately I would like to end up in a hospital down there, maybe Virginia Beach. Know anything about those places?
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    Summer 03, I'm from Northern Va and went to NVCC for nursing pre-reqs, but I could never meet their TEAS requirement and used up my 3 attempts.

    I moved south to be with my hs sweetheart and was just accepted to Thomas nelson cc. We live in Petersburg right now but will be moving to Williamsburg or newport news in a month or so!
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    Oops didn't answer your question - no, I'm not all that familiar with things down here...but I do know you won't make nearly as much at a hospital down here. I've stalked some forums and was kind of blown away by that...but Northern VA is a higher cost of living so I guess it makes sense.
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    spoland, thank you for being so responsive. Williamsburg and Newport News are great places to live; I have friends there who would never trade that area for NVA. Also, Thomas Nelson is supposed to be a very good school and I have seen where its pass rates for NCLEX are similar to those for NOVA. Congratulations on getting into Thomas Nelson.

    Plus, that is just so romantic about still being with your HS sweetheart. Awww.
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