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Hi Everyone! I really wanted to begin a thread about NVCC's Nursing Program due to begin in Fall 2013 (Applications are due May 2013). I am starting my pre-reqs in January, because I have been in school elsewhere. I know it... Read More

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    I remember 3 years ago doing all the stuff you are doing the summer before classes start. I know it is a hassle, but step-by-step you will get it done. Pay close attention to the math test; it is not hard, but there is no forgiveness. You do not want to have to take the remedial classwork. The NOVA program is not flexible, but you will learn so much. If you were good enough to get in, you are good enough to do very well!

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    I just received an email from [moderator edit of name] indicating that the Nursing Orientation Blackboard is available, but I could not find it. Does anyone know how to access the Nursing Orientation Blackboard on the NVCC website?
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    I think if memory serves right, under Blackboard there is a "Student Connect" tab and a new Nursing section under organizations should be there.
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    Yes! I thought it would show up as a course, but found it under the Student Connect tab. Thanks, Etrips!
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    To all accepted NVCC traditional nursing program students,

    I tried to access the traditional nursing program information on Blackboard in accordance with [moderator edit of name]'s mass email to all of the accepted nursing program students, but neither the Student Connect nor the College Connect tabs were there. So I called the NVCC IT department for assistance, and the referred to me to the NVCC Student Services department. The NVCC Student Services department informed me that today they received a list of 137 accepted student names from the traditional nursing program and that those accepted student names will not entered into the NVCC computer system as enrolled nursing students until 5:00 PM on Friday, 19 July 2013. Once the accepted student names are entered their profiles will be updated to provide them with access to the traditional nursing program information via Blackboard. This means that we will not be able to make any informed decisions about what classes to register for, or to complete the remainder of the pending administrative requirements, until Monday, 22 July 2013, which is the date of the mandatory nursing program orientation session. All nursing students must register and pay for all of the first semester courses not later than Monday, 29 July 2013, which means that we will then have only one week to complete all remaining administrative requirements and to register and pay for the first semester courses!
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    I think this may just be a problem for some people (unfortunately) because I haven't had any issues. Sorry for this though.
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    Hmm I think that may be a problem for some but not all because I haven't had an issue. Sorry about that. Definitely bring it up at orientation though
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    I am so sorry for being this slow to reply. I missed your message and you probably already know thw answer by now, but yes, those days sound about right. However, that was 3 years ago I was starting the program. The think to really pay attention to is WHERE they send you the first semester. I ended up being assigned to Loudon, whixh is the very farthers possible for me. In the following semester you get to pick, if you are quick. For the first semester, you might ask if you can have a choice, but they may not offer it.

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    Amiga, I missed your post and am now just replying. I am guessing you have since graduated (with honors) and passed NCLEX. I found that the best way to get a job is to go in person and talk to the recruiter and case manager and even unit staff. Obviously, you need to apply online, but I have found that the personal touch makes a big difference. I was not choosy in what I took for my first job and ended up as a float pool nurse. I just got a permanent placement in the unit I had been hoping for months. I did have to accept nights in both cases, and even weekend nights early on. Once I have been in my unit longer, I hope to get a work schedule more to my choosing. Also, it helps to reach out to people who know you and can speak for you. With each try to get myself a better position, I would guess that I put my name in maybe 5 or so times for evey one that has panned out. Good luck, and I am betting it works out for you.
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    Hey all,

    I'm applying for the Hybrid track that starts in the spring. One of the sequences of prerequisites is A&P I and II, and microbio. I took microbio at Virginia Tech, does that count? I already took A&P I at NOVA, and will begin taking A&P II soon.

    Also, I'm gonna take the TEAS next week. What's it like? "How should I study?

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