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Hi everyone! So i just got accepted to Shenandoah University's accelerated BSN program and I am very excited! I am from California so Virginia is a long way away but I am looking to live in another state for a year :) I was... Read More

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    Can't believe orientation is tomorrow and classes begin Monday! Good luck everyone!
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    Hi mesfin, my name is Hiwot I am gonna be starting ASD at the leesburg ampus on Spribh, would you please give me some information on how much study time is needed weekly and what type of financial aid packages they have.? I left you am Amharic comment but I guess it got deleted coz this site doesn't allow non-English posts.
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    Hi, I know you didn't ask me directly but when I was in my first semester I studied about 6 hours a day. Since then, the amount of studying has gone down drastically, but it was getting the foundation of everything that made it so difficult.
    As to financial aid, it really depends on FASFA. Everyone seems to get different amounts so I can't be of too much help there.
    Also, congrats on getting in!
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    Hello, I will starting the Accelerated nursing program at Shenandoah Univeristy Leesburg campus this January. I am looking to find a roommate. There is an apartment complex on the same road as the campus and I would like to find someone to split the cost of a two bedroom/bathroom apartment. Ideally someone who loves animals as I have a dog and cat.
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    I'm about to finish up my first semester and I study about 2-3 hours a day during the week, on the weekends I really spend most of the day studying. I do have a family and work part-time though. Finding a balance can be difficult but I still make it a priority to try to do something each week with my family.

    Also, I would suggest calling the front desk of the Leesburg campus and see if they know of any other students that are looking for a roommate....they tend to know. Good luck and congrats y'all! You'll love the program!
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    Hello everyone, I am applying to SU's ABSN Program for the Fall 2014 semester. Since everyone who started in the fall is well into their second semester, I was wondering if anyone would be able to shed some light on how the program is going so far. Has the intensity level of the course work gone down since the first semester? Also, I'm getting ready to take the TEAS exam and am worried because I tend to struggle with standardized tests. What were some of your TEAS scores, and does anyone know what kind of score they are looking for? I have a decent GPA and a Biology degree for my first degree. I would probably prefer to attend the Leesburg campus because it is a bit closer to my hometown. Did anyone struggle finding affordable apartments in the Leesburg/Ashburn area? If anyone could give me some tips or something I would really appreciate it!

    Thanks everyone!
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    hey fellow SU students, im actually starting in the fall as well and am doing the normal transfer track. Anyone staying at the East commons?
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    Hello I've just been accepted to the fall semester at leesburg and I'm still waiting for my package do you still have yours
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    Hello do you still have the packet