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Hi all! I will be relocating to Leesburg, VA in the near future and I am planning on starting an accelerated 2nd degree program sometime in 2011. My first choice would be George Mason, because of cheap in-state tuition, but I... Read More

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    Starting Shenandoah's program in the fall??? Im looking for a roommate!!

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    @VWDE: I went to the link you provided and reviewed the data regarding NCLEX pass rates for BSN programs @ GMU & SU. Actually, GMU's % is slightly below SU's success rate. GMU (85.71%) vs. SU (86.96%). So I think that isn't relevant here.

    Plus, the Leesburg campus' data is not separated out on the spreadsheet, but I would guess it might be higher than main campus in Winchester, but who knows.

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