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Greetings! I recently graduated from Sentara's RN diploma program this past May, and I see that many of you are considering the new BSN program as well as the RN diploma program. Just thought I would put up a post and offer to... Read More

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    AFAIK, Sentara's program is accredited as of 2008 when it was still a Diploma program. I was told (I'm not in that school, but one of my instructors mentioned this) that they would not be able to receive acreditation for the BSN until they at least graduated a class under the new program and that probably won't happen till around 2012. I would think the quality of the instruction is probably as good as it ever was, but I don't know how the BSN accreditation thing will play out down the road. So I would not rule it out, but would ask lots of questions beforehand.

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    I'm in the 2012 BSN class. On the first day of class, we were told that originally ODU wouldn't accept BSN graduates from Sentara, but that there was a change and ODU will now accept Sentara BSN students into their graduate program. However, I'm not sure if this applies to other schools.

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