Riverside School of Nursing Jan 2011

  1. I have been accepted into Riverside's 3 year night and weekend program starting in January 2011. Is there anyone on this site starting there too?

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  3. by   Bob_N_VA
    I'm in the 2010 class so we are just finishing up our second semester. Its a good program so you should enjoy it, but it is a lot of work. From what I hear, your class is even larger than ours is, the year previous was much smaller. Thank the economy for that. If you have any specific questions, feel free to PM me.

  4. by   lisagone
    I too was accepted into this program and got a call yesterday that the night/ weekend program for 2011 was CANCELED. What are we supposed to do now?
  5. by   Bob_N_VA
    We found out last night. Big surprise. If you were in the upcoming class you need to get a hold of the admin folks to see what they can do. What they told us was that people could go into the LPN program and then when they complete that, go into the bridge program. Not sure if that is everybody's cup of tea, but that is what they are holding open as an option.
  6. by   lisagone
    Yeah that is what they told me but the problem is the next LPN program doesn't start until 2012. So that is the problem.
  7. by   lisagone
    This thing won't let me pm u. Thank you for ur kind words. The situation certainly sucks since I didn't bother to apply anywhere else. I spoke to the registrar today and she did seem to be sorry for the change but it this situation right now I can't take it very well. I think that they should have thought about this prior to the acceptance letters going out. I have already paid the deposit and 400 for updating my immunizations and all of the physical stuff. I am so upset. It would be nice for them to start a night program for the lpn this january if that is all they can do instead of making all of us wait another year for our only option. Mci is nothing that I am interested in. I haven't heard anything good about it. Right now I am still in an angry/upset stage but I guess it will pass eventually.
  8. by   Sowinsis
    I am going to take the Sept 2011 class also, since the Night and Weekend program closed. I wll get titles of the books and pre-read the material. I feel I can read one book a month, that will help me.
    See you in September.
  9. by   twins4paiges
    I decided to get my money back and apply somewhere else. I went and talked to the program head at Rappahannock Community College since I live in Gloucester and will apply to their fall program. It stinks that I have to go through the application process again, but doing the prerequisites for Riverside puts me ahead in their program, and I will probably only have to attend 3 days a week for the first year. I think that it would be a similar scenario at Thomas Nelson, but I'm not sure. Then I'll be done in two years and hopefully be familiar with the health systems on this side of the water where I would like to work. Plus the program at RCC is half the cost of Riverside's.

  10. by   Sowinsis
    I am glad for you! No since in paying the money if you can go somewhere else. I have met a few MCI grads, and Thomas Nelson, and they don't seem anymore advanced than some that come out of hospital schools. For a few of them, I am shocked that they passed their tests.
    You will get extra experience you need. i.e., in a hospital when when you sign on to a hospital. I work in a hospital and watch the new nurses get 3 months of orientation to that particular floor before they are on their own. Just focus on passing the tests in nursing school and writing your weekly clinical worksheets.
    For me, I will have to go to Riverside, because I can't wait another year or two. I will not have any pre-reqs left.
  11. by   twins4paiges
    I know what you mean about waiting. I already had to take A&P I again since I last took it over 7 years ago. At least if I get into the fall program, I will still graduate in the same amount of time or a little earlier since it is a 2 year program.

    Good luck to you!
  12. by   Sowinsis
    We had Rappahanock students at our hosptial yesterday. I guess you can expect to do clinicals at Mary Immaculate. I am not sure where they go. About the taking courses over again. I had to take several because mine were over 7 years old. I was a middle school science teacher. I had to take biology and ended up in a class with one of my students who had just graduated from high school. He was looking, and said, "man, weren't you my 8th grade teacher?" I was able to get out of that class and take an online/3 saturday class. That is why I dont wat to go back to any Community Colleges again.
  13. by   twins4paiges
    Haha. Funny now, but I bet it wasn't then :-)
  14. by   twins4paiges
    Hi Sowinsis,

    What books did you get to preread? You are starting Riverside's full-time RN program in the fall? I got some books to pre-read too and am currently reading one about getting the most out of nursing school.